Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I dislike dolls!

Especially those that are battery operated & able to 'talk'. I feel that they're so creepy.

Raeann has two Baby Alive. The first one is bought by ZY last year, it's not cheap, about S$100, if i didn't remember wrongly. Initially, i wanted to get it for her de, i brought her to Kiddy Palace & asked her to show me cos i don't know what the hell is Baby Alive. After i saw, i decided NOT to buy and ask her to choose other babies (that's unable to talk) instead. Not that i'm stingy but i had bad experience with 'talking' toys before! Erm... you all remember, Teletubbies?

It was very popular during my sec sch days. I'm sure those who knew them would have heard that they woke up to dance in the middle of the night! So eerie! I think that the first Baby Alive (bought by ZY) look as creepy as them!

This is how it looks like...

Besides talking, this Baby Alive can eat & shit, like a real baby. And you need to buy it's food and diapers which are more expensive than a human baby's one. It's a total CRAP to me lah! Of cos i never buy and now, this thing don't know dump at which corner of the house liao. Raeann don't even bother to look at it lor!

The 2nd Baby Alive was bought by ZY's bro 1-2 months later...

This one look much prettier and less creepy than the first one but still, it can talk! Raeann likes this more cos of it's size (smaller), easier to carry about. Now become very 'nua' already cos Raeann carry her almost everyday lor, pat her to sleep & etc! Asked me to be careful when i walk (cos she placed her to sleep on the matress on the floor), don't step on her, blah blah blah. =.=

But last night, i got the urge to throw this thing away. Cos it suddenly talk & talk in the middle of the night! FML! I'm one whom will wake up at the slightest sound.

Well, i didn't throw it lah cos i know Raeann will 吵 to buy another (same) one back if i do so. Hence, no point throwing lor. I dumped it outside my room & went back to sleep.

After all, i'm just trying to say, i DO believe that one's soul can be trapped inside a doll or soft toy. Period!


  1. girl, the 2nd baby alive, keidi also have.

    keidi previously got 1 then the doll fell out of the lorry and the head break off. so my hb went to buy another for her.

    she name it baby chloe. hahahaha and her favorite of all dolls somemore. =,="

    no need to be scare la. use to it can liao. hahahhahaa.

  2. LOL! Ya, also Raeann's fav doll. Other than this doll, i don't think she touch on her other toys lo.

    But i still think is ... er ... quite scary lah!

  3. dolls will go n carry chopper and kill people in the night de lor. like CHUCKY. he is a bad bad doll.

  4. Damn scary! I NV BUY THIS KIND OF DOLL EVEN THOUGH KAYLENE WANTS IT! i bought one singing bear for Kayson & sometimes it just auto sing in the middle of the night. freaking shit. threw it in the living room as Kayson still wants it....

  5. i saw this kind of "live" baby toy in takashimaya and was playing with it too.
    it was really creepy especially the eyes will blink and roll too(if im not wrong)

    last time that's another toy called FURBY! do you remember this?

  6. Bro, i hope this Baby Alive don't kill me. OHHHHH...

  7. Maggie! Hanor hanor. I also never buy all these, can really freak people out. Aiyer.

    That time i went to bird park and got a parrot as souvenir for buying their meals or something. The parrot also talk by itself in the middle of the nite when it's placed very high.


  8. Sonia, ya ya i rem there this FURBY but forgot how it looks like already.

    I wonder why kids love these type of toys so much...

  9. Lol, kids like new things lor especially when it can talk or wink and do some movements too and moreover, it's kawaii too.

    Maybe let them to watch chucky and they will dislike the toys or having phobia over it... hahahahha!


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