Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lil' Miss Naughty

In Action!!!!!!!!!!!

She choose this tee herself when we were shopping at Suntec two weeks ago. She told the sales lady herself that she want nothing else but 'naughty' de. She's indeed suitable for this tee!

Once again, please pardon her mop hair. Thank you!


  1. She looks like a mop, i BTH her hair. LOL

  2. my hair also jia lat -_- luan 7 8 chao

  3. OMG! Raeann also kept saying this word but she missed out the luan and says 7 8 zao instead.

    Everytime i asked her tie hair, she will tell me, "我喜欢这样七八糟的头发". =.=

  4. lol, maybe ruien did it purposely?
    my nephew also very funny sometimes he just want to talk in his way and think it's correct -_-

  5. 有时候小朋友超级喜欢“故意的”
    naughty kids


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