Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh mood...

Please cheer up becos i'm given the permission to go out tonight! YAY x 10!

Thanks mum for agreeing to look after my lil' one for me without any complaints. Yes, she is always more than willing to do so. :)

I was invited to a sponsored IPL treatment later cos they wanted me to do a review for them. There are so much benefits for being a blogger. Heehee I asked if i can bring a friend along but they did not reply me leh. So i assumed i can't! :(

After that, i'm going to meet my BFF, Ms Molly Fu for dinner and drinks cos it's her BIRTHDAY tomorrow! We did not get each other any presents this year, we think there's no need to go through such hassle as we are not young anymore. I told her i'll treat her dinner and drinks to make up for it. She didn't want to come out at first cos she felt paiseh as she did not do anything for me during my birthday this year. Not that she doesn't remember or has no intention to, i rejected cos i can't go out!!! And you know, i'm sucha nice friend, i kept pestering her until she agreed to come out tonight! HAHAHA



May good luck be with you always. Stay pretty & slim always! ^^

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