Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I feel so guilty now!!!

Just now, there was a promising young man from UOB bank came and let my parent sign an agreement. I left for the bank after stamping the company stamp for him. On my way out, i was like searching for his car??? I can't see any and was thinking, "cannot be he walk here right?". Cos it's like soooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking far to walk to our place from MRT under the hot sun and he was wearing long sleeve. And he doesn't seems to be perspiring! So i just zoomed off without thinking much.

On my way back, my mum called and i just asked for fun... "eh, that man walk to our place ah?" My mum said, "ya lah, ah bo u think what! aiya i forget to ask you to give him a lift to the MRT".

FML TTM. I seriously admire his working attitude. He's so nice, sincere and caring. Oh please, i'm not falling for him but cos i've this mindset that nowadays young people are very lazy, like me.

In future, IF i get to see him again, i want to apologise to him lah. WAH LAU!


  1. maybe he take Cab ma, can claim from company! =x

  2. No wor, my mum said he always walk de. OMG! I think i must walk more too, getting too fat.

    In future, if can, i walk to work.

  3. give up your car, you will walk more =x


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