Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Queenbels, The Wardrobe

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"believes clothing is more than an essential. we adore details and display our love for them in our collections"

Here in Queenbels, they aim to present lady apparels to ladies who are looking for quality unique apparels which you cannot find in the local stores here. Most ladies most probably have very little time to shop in brick & motars. So here they are doing all the shopping for you and all you have to do is to check them out, pick the apparels you like and items will get delivered to your doorstep.

Do you find this babe familar? Yes, she's QingQing aka Fan Wen Qing (Fann Wong's sister). On certain angle, they really look alike! I used to dream to be like Fann Wong. LOL! Tall, fair, good complexion, etc etc. Very chio! I like her alot lah! ^^

You need not worry about many others wearing the same because Queenbels carry very different and unique designs from the usual blogshops you see in the market now.

Most of their collections are specially sourced from overseas manufacturers. 98% of all the collection to date are specially handpicked and imported by them. Each unique piece comes in limited quantities. Once an item is sold out, most probably you won't find them on the racks anymore.

I bought a tunic from them 2 weeks ago. It might look very simple but it's so comfortable! I wear it on two Saturdays in a roll. Casual trend will never be out, isn't it? Can pair it with either a pair of shorts or legging! Simplicity is a form of beauty too! :)

Close up of the material! It's really very comfy till i need to have another piece, same design in another color. You can ask any of my friends, i usually don't do that. One design, one color is all i will get no matter how much i love it cos i don't want to be 梁婆婆 or Mr Bean mah. LOL! But for this tunic, i see the need to have it becos i can't find it anywhere else. And the seller is very responsible and nice, there was a surprise X'mas card from them inside the package! :)

Shop at Queenbels now & get FREE Hello Kitty iPhone case with purchase of any 2 regular priced items (excl accessories and tights). 13 new designs for iPhone 4. Most of these cases are retailing in push carts or shops around S$15. Get it free at Queenbels now!

Furthermore, all my readers get 10% discount if they purchase at least 3 regular priced items from these collections ( & Simply code 'Joanne' in the order!

Wow, what a great deal! All the more you should shop at Queenbels right?! Go go, get a nice dress for your X'mas date now!!! ^^

P/S : Some of their apparels fits UK6-UK16. Don't worry if you 'think' you're too fat for them cos you sure can wear them! :)

In order not to miss out any exclusive deals, follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook to get instant updates on new arrivals.

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