Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raeann @ 'work'.

Yes, this lil' devil is here to 'work' with me again, for these 2 days cos my aunt's painting her house.

The moment she reached here, her itchy hands started to 'work' liao. And she talk & talk non-stop!

FAINT lah! I bet there will be no peace for me these 2 days. Sigh

OH NO! She's here liao! I need to go now!

Before i sign off...


Brad aka ladyironchef, the popular food blogger visited my blog. I'm so honoured! :)

Thank you all for reading my blog! Heehee

Edited : 11:51am

Just now, Raeann went silent for about 5 mins. I knew she's definately up to something cos it's impossible that she will stay so quiet for so long unless she's sleeping. I asked her and she told me...

"我在 MAKE UP"

After she has done with her make up, she showed me...

This is what she did to her face!

Wanna know how she do it? Watch her makeup tutorial below!


Don't worry, the eyeshadow is non toxic, specially for kids de!

I asked her to take a wet tissue to clean everything off her face liao.

And now, she's taking wet tissues to clean the wall, door, chair, copier machine, etc etc! =.=

I reallly buay tahan her! Going to bring her out for lunch soon! :)


  1. LOL! Maybe you did not login to Nuffnang that's why u are not shown there. :)

  2. So it's 100% confirmed that ruien is addictive lol... xiao xiao jiu zhe yang ai mei li le



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