Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raeann's Graduation Concert + Dinner

Date : 4th December 2010, Saturday
Venue : Jurong Green CC

My lil' one done me proud last night! YES, I'M SO PROUD OF HER! I thought she will not dance along, cry or whatever. But no wor, she did so well last night! ^^

I've to tie her hair and makeup for her at home. Last year, i did a light makeup, it was not enough. This year, i did a heavy makeup but it was still not enough! The teachers had to add blusher and lipstick on her! She was watching Mr Bean from YouTube when i was meddling with her hair and face. Don't know why she likes Mr Bean so much! You know, she seldom watch cartoon de. She always watch Animal Planet on TV or Mr Bean from my phone. Again, a very unique taste! Asked her to take a pic after i'm done, she gave me this look! Cos she was pekchek as i interrupted her Mr Bean show. =.=

P/S : I know her makeup doesn't look pretty at all lah but what to do? They have to be makeup lidat what! And when people said she's not pretty, she said "MUMMY LOR"! Hahahaha! NOT MY FAULT OKAY! I was being asked to do so leh!

We had to bring her there by 6:30pm cos the teachers wanted to add some 'accessories' on her. All the kids are 'decorated' lidat! They're utterly cute! Their age are between 2-3 years old only!

When i walked in, i saw a familiar face, Xiaoxin! LOL! She recognised me the moment i walked in. Hahaha! Then ZY questioned me, "how you know her? where you know her?". Jialat! Even female also questioned till lidat! If male, i think i die liao.

P/S : Later at night hor, when i was sending emails to some mummies who requested me to send them the pics i took, he said, "Wah, not bad huh! Your circle of friends very wide too, won't lose to me!" HAHAHAHA! Of cos man, i'm sucha nice person! I don't usually hate people! Count yourself very lucky if you're being hated by me!!! By the way, HATE and DISLIKE are two different feeling hor!

Note : Not all the dishes are featured here. I was busy taking pics of Raeann mah!

Dinner (restaurant) is the same as last year, the food damn nice! $220 per table is very very worth it! I was telling my aunt, next time IF got any wedding, do something lidat can already! 包赚 wan! Hahaha! Just kidding lah! Obviously i know this dinner is being subsidised de lah!

After all the 'talks' given by those VIPs, finally came the long awaited performance... I think everybody was only waiting for this!!! Can't wait to see their lovely lil' one's performance!

她真的很会摇! I should sign her up for dancing course!

Watch the videos below!

Getting certificates after their performance from Mr Lim Boon Keng. She's officially graduated... from playgroup! LOL

After everything, the kids are given to a box of Happy Meal each.

I asked my bro to help us take a family photo! But he took alot cos all of us were not cooperative. Either me, ZY or Raeann was not looking at the camera! URGH!!! =.=

I think this is the BEST one liao but abit blur leh!

I wasn't looking at the camera cos i didn't know he has already shoot. No flash even though i setted it to Auto mode. So nobody knows whether he has take already or not! I smiled till abit cramp liao.

Not blur, both me and ZY looking at the camera but Raeann... HAIZ! Gave up after this shot! :(

And hor, don't know why my arms always look so slim when i'm in this romper! LOL

A random pic to end this post!

My new flats!

I've fallen in love with flats recently... becos i want to cover up my ugly toe nails! It's ugly cos one of the toe nail broke half into my flesh (ouch!). Now, all my nails are 'naked', cos i want to let them rest lah. Not really good to keep applying nail polish on them, the nails can't breathe & thus becomes yellowish. Once in awhile must let them take a break, have a kit kat also mah! LOL
What a lazy Sunday! We spent the whole noon... NAPPING! LOL! I was too tired cos i edited pics for the upcoming review till about 3am last night! In fact, i spent most of the time yesterday doing this particular review lor, so hardworking right? I don't like to do things halfway de! So if i were to work outside, i bet i'll be a fucking workaholic. Boss will love me but colleagues will hate me! Haha


  1. lol, was looking at the youtube vids and have to agree with you 真的很会摇!

  2. LOL! Her teachers told me long time ago. She and another girl very 厉害摇! Haha I thinking of signing her up for Elva's that kind of dance, i don't know what dance is that leh...

  3. omg. raeann is sooo cute!

    leanne :)

  4. Maybe can check from dancing school first and of cuz need to ask the xiao da ren's(little adult?) opinion first! she is like a little girl but very mature from the way she talk to you. lol

  5. Hanor, everyone said she talks like an adult. Got chance you can try to talk to her, will vomit blood de! She's very loh-soh and 'fan' also! =.=

  6. I will lose to her... hail your princess ah~

  7. Good article !! What blog platform do you use on your www ?


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