Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sinful Indulgence

*Gaspz* Take a deep breath...

Finally free now! Was busy all the way after i reached home, with taking pictures! LOL

Yeap, i've new reviews coming up, took pics of the products that was sent to me earlier (TSS is very efficient!) and 顺便 took pics of the stuffs i bought just now!

Actually, my intention of going to JP was to go Lee Hwa to fix my necklace only. But instead of getting it done, i bought alot of things lor. Haha! Not i don't want to repair leh, it's cannot be repair anymore. :(

They asked me to sell it away and get a new piece. I did as they advised, i sold but did not get a new one. Cos hor, i don't want to buy back the same, it snap easily. And their other designs, i think i have it already! LOL! Yes yes, i've got plenty of jewelleries but i never wear them. ALL are gifts as i never buy jewelleries for myself before. Don't have such hobby leh!

The Lee Hwa sale lady is really very nice leh! She is the one who asked me not to waste money to buy cos she 'think' i should have similar designs already! Will definately go back to her again for upgrade! ^^

Hmm, i'm thinking which pic to post first...

These were taken after my shopping. Brought her for ice cream cos i need to rest! Carrying two big bags from Watsons and Guardian, very heavy man! Ice cream is my dinner for tonight! No time to eat! LOL

You know, i've finally found a MAN who loves to take pictures more than me! When we were enjoying our ice cream halfway, sitting very shiok-ly on the round sofa, an indian man suddenly came and sit at the table next to us. He bought a cup of one scoop ice cream which was meant to take-away instead of dining-in.

Instead of eating his ice cream, he was busy finding the right spot to take pic of it. Ok, this is VERY normal as i also do that and he could be a blogger too! And you know what's his next move? He went to ask the waitress to take a pic with him! LOL

After taking that pic, he finally sat down to eat his almost-melting ice cream... Then after that he asked me if he could take pic of Raeann cos she's very cute! Well, i asked him to go ahead cos i think he's really funny lah! After that hor, he asked me to help him to take a pic with Raeann!!! OMG! When i was taking the pic, i tried very hard to control my laughter! He was smiling so happily! Hahaha! Isn't he funny??? He looks abit like Mr Bean lor! =X

Went to pack ALOT of food back for my family before we headed home. I think i was carrying like 8 big plastic bags alone. =.= Luckily my lil' one was obedient, following me all the way. As she knew i got no hands to hold her, she held my hand instead and offered to help me carry. She's very easy to manage when she's with me only, i swear! Believe it or not, when i'm out with her, she NEVER for once asked me to buy toys, neither cry or fuss around when i said NO to the stuffs she wanna buy. AIYOYO! I better don't say so much if not later people say i'm a preacher again.

Anyway, here are some of my loots from that 2.5 hours of shopping! ^^

Dolly Wink eyelash case, Nexcare acne patch & non-exposure tapes and Baby Skin collagen foot mask.

The acne patch is for Bo lah, she has been grumbling about that incurable black spot on her beautiful face. Now got promotion at Watsons leh! 2 x acne patch & 1 x non-exposure tapes = $12.90!

The Baby Skin collagen foot mask are for the ladies inside my house, mum, Bo, Jing & me!

Guardian is selling at first pack for $4.95 and 2nd pack for 10 cents!!! So it means two packs at $5.05 only! OMG, it's cheaper than the first time i bought at $3.95 per pack! Go get yours! I think it's good, my foot damn smooth now!

And i finally get myself a decent eyelash case liao. Guess what i've been using to put my eyelashes when i go overseas or CCK to stay??? GUESS LEH!

P/S : The eyelash case is seperated into 2 sections - one to store full upper or lower lashes and the other for point and partial lashes (according to box instruction). Aiya, who will really follow right? What u want to put, just dump it in lor!

HAHAHAHAHA! Love-Box! In case anyone don't know, it's actually a condom metal case! LOL! This is the most suitable case i can find in my room liao! Size is just nice! Please hor, it's not dirty cos the condoms come in individual pack de hor, one box got 3! Haha! I bought it long time ago becos of the nice box and not becos of the condoms hor!

Got myself a new hair dryer at a great deal! Spend $10 at Guardian to purchase this for only $29.90, usual price is $40+! This hair dryer is damn damn damn good man! I need to buy it cos...

The old one already used until cannot be use liao, worked for me for at least 4 years already! Now ah, when i uses it, got chao-ta smell lor! I'm so scare that my hair will be on fire one day so i decided to buy a new one! LOL! I finally can get rid of this liao!

I buay tahan liao, i want to ZZZ already! I need to wake up early to go airport tomorrow! And actually on Sunday morning, i want to travel to Medan (Indonesia) alone for business trip. But... aiya, alot of factors to consider lah! I mean, i don't mind going and i'm not scare at all. I'm only worried that Raeann will look for me nia cos i'll be leaving her with ZY and everyone knows that ZY can't handle her at all! SIGH!


  1. joanne you're so funny! i saw the condom box was like the box is really cute & lol non stop :p

    just to check rowenta compact comes in temp adjustment too?

    gd luck to your biz trip!

  2. Hahaha Hanor what a nice condom box that makes gd eyelash case! Lol

    Yes yes the hair dryer comes with 3 temperature buttons. And 3 wind buttons (normal, strong & strongest). Still got cold wind button and TURBO button. Hahaha I haven try the turbo yet, maybe like tornado that strong cos I put to no.3 wind alry very strong lo!

  3. Okay! it's a good deal think need to jalanjalan at guardian when free... Lol must be your influence & for the bumpits, i gave away my plastic type bc it's hard(like prickly on my scalp or hair) but for velcro type, it will stay onto my hair.

  4. Hanor! I only shop at these 2 shops & shoes shop when I go shopping cos I don't buy clothes from outside anymore! Very exp!

    The hair one ah.. How much is the velco one? And where to buy? I duno how to use at all lo!

  5. Gal,

    Wanna ask u. U using wat brand of eye lash glue? Cuz i love O2 brand, but O2 seems to close down..

  6. Hi gal,

    I using Darkness clear glue, a brand from Korea. Used to get it online but Sasa had recently launched them in at $8.80 only!!! =D

    It's very very good leh. I intro-ed to many people, all stucked at it.

  7. I tried darkness and super sticky!
    Only the removal part quite troublesome for the eyelashes.

    I always like to go watsons! Me and sera just had sprees on shoes, bag & clothes.. broke siah -_-

    I bought the velco at bonjour hong kong, im not good at using the plastic one but should be just flip your hair up and fix in by covering with hair.

  8. Ya Darkness is super sticky and lasting. It can last for the whole day without the eyelash dropping off, that's why i think it's good!

    Don't have to worry that your falsie will drop at the end of the day mah.

  9. Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

  10. Huh? Print?

    Hmm, u can just 'BOOKMARK' or 'ADD TO FAVOURITE' my page by right clicking your mouse. Hope this helps! :)


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