Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things i forgot to mention...

1) Ginvera's Facebook Contest

There will be a facebook contest held in Ginvera's facebook page. (

Everyone can participate in this contest. All you need to do is to post your review of Ginvera Marvel Gel on the facebook page. 3 winners with the best review will be selected each week for a total of 5 weeks.


Each winner will walk away with a set of Ginvera Jade Eye Roll Away & Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel worth $35.70!

Week 1 : 29 Nov to 05 Dec 2010
Week 2 : 06 Dec to 12 Dec 2010
Week 3 : 13 Dec to 19 Dec 2010
Week 4 : 20 Dec to 26 Dec 2010
Week 5 : 27 Dec to 02 Jan 2011

Winners will be announced on the Ginvera & TSS Facebook! Good luck to you!


2) The Arrival of Our New 'Baby'

Last week, our company's new 160 tons crane has finally arrived at our yard. This crane costed a freaking S$2 million!!! =.= I like it cos it's in white! But i think my dad will change to his 'trademark' orbit cha cha color soon! Hopefully not! NOT changing!!! :)


This morning, i brought Raeann to KFC for breakfast cos she has no school today! Supposed to be Meet-The-Parents session but i didn't attend cos hor, the teachers have been meeting me almost every schooling day what! Everything that should be said/complained has been done so already! Hahaha Tomorrow is her last day of school liao, i wonder will she be emo? LOL

Packed KFC for bro and mum as well. Sent Raeann to aunt's house after breakfast and on my way to work, i went to collect my (new) purchase, ElishaCoy Premium Gold Mineral BB from

Okay, i think i'm mad. I got 2 tubes of BB cream now but i still buy another one. I'm somehow addicted to ElishaCoy products now! Die. Bipolar disorder is acting up again! Haha


  1. Lol! bb cream never get enough of it!

  2. Ya!!! Once I start, I can't stop and I go overboard! FML la!

  3. lol you will have 3 more from bioessence coming!

  4. Sigh... Sonia, did you read the full email on what we r suppose to do? ALOT leh! :(


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