Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weirdos in Facebook

Raeann's sleeping right now so i'm FREE! YAY!

I'm clearing my personal messages in my FB's inbox now, saw some messages which are really funny. I'm sure many ladies have received such messages before, from weirdos out there... And i don't know to be happy or sad that i received ALOT!!! I'll show you all some okay? But of cos, names are being striked out. :)




P/S : All of them are NOT in my friends list at all.

Oh shit! My bad! I can't stop laughing at the last one and unable to continue clearing my inbox anymore. LOL! In fact, i told Patsy about this last time & we both had a good laugh over it. I think he's crazy, machiam type essay lidat! Then few months after i told her, she also received the same message from this person. LOL! Eat too full issit?!

It's not my fault that i post it here hor! Cos if they did not message me such things, i won't be able to post it right? Likewise, if you didn't act like a clown, how would people be able to mock at you? As quoted from one of my friend on FB, "If you don't want ppl to say you, then don't do things that will cause ppl to say lor". I THINK SHE'S DAMN RIGHT! :)


  1. Ehhh hi hello, im also just came home from work. just had my dinner n taken my shower. now watching tv n usin comp. i hope to bring u out to eat dim sum or soya beans too. and i hope 1 day we will have the chance to queue 2gther for koi and i guess it will b so lomantic. n lastly remember to have your dinner and dont forget to bring your umbrella. LOL!!!!

  2. Wahahahaa bro, did u send msg lidat to stranger on fb too??

    If so, u forgot to mention ur ht, wt and age leh! And I'll FYL too!

    Sooooo ridiculous!

  3. LOL.Nahh i dun talk to strangers on fb leh. but i got add strangers on fb b4 especially GIRLS... LOL!!!

  4. "A/S/L ? Care to be friends?"

    this is sooo IRC or Friendster times.. LOL where pple keep add friends and wanna know them.. Now my Facebook only add pple that i know. If not later tio stalk hahaha =x The last message is really funny ma chiem writing compo sia~

  5. LOL! GUYS! But u still single so it's fine lah. Married man who go around adding girls to their FB ought to be shot!

  6. Sera, i also don't add people i don't know de, all along.

    These people who msg me pop out of nowhere de. I don't know them, they don't know me and they are not in my friends list. They might have added me but i did not approve lor, that's why they sent me msgs. LOL

    The last one is MAD. I think he's so desperate for LOVE or WOMAN. LOL

  7. Hey joanne i love to read your blog had been reading ur blog for month..Happy merry x mas in advance to u and ur family =)

  8. i think there are many siao langs in this world -_-

  9. Hi Sally, ^^

    Thanks! Same to u too!

  10. Ya Sonia! Alot of siao lang! Hahaha


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