Friday, December 30, 2011

10 years younger now!

All ready to welcome a brand new year with a new hairstyle!


A brand new me with slanted bang.

Some friends agreed that i look 10 years younger now, with the Sesame Street t-shirt, lol! No choice leh, now old liao then want to look younger. When young time, want to look more mature. That's how ironic life is. Just like when young time, wanted to work and earn money asap. Now that i'm working, i wish i can go back to schooling days.

You know, i cut/do hair hor, don't need to think wan. I just cut/do when i feel like doing/cutting, very impulsively. And if it turns out nice (most of the time), lucky for me. But if it turns out ugly, like some monster, i'll hide my face and forbid myself to take any pics. I KNOW WHERE I STAND. I won't deliberately take ALOT of pics & spam on FB to make a fool of myself. (I don't spam pics on FB anyway!)

I snipped off at least 3-4 inches of hair just now & i feel so light now!!! So shiok cos it's much easier to manage! Gonna dye during mid January!!!

One more day to 2012!

Last two days of 2011, have you ever asked yourself what have you achieved for the past one year?! 2011 is quite a smooth and good year for me, and i sincerely thank god for that.

The greatest achievement i've this year is, to give birth to a very adorable meimei and i'm glad i did not impulsively aborted her away.


I'm happy that i've given Raeann a sibling becos now i realised, some of the single child tends to live in their own self centered world. They've got no life, that's why they can't stop interfering in others' life. Of cos, it's not ALL, just SOME of them.

I've 3 siblings and i'm glad i've a sister, even though she's so crazy & irritating at times but i still love her. I'm fine without friends, becos i've my family with me. So, i'm okay if you hate me, not as if it will affect my life in any ways. But becos i'm nice, i've no lack of friends too. When you're nice, people come to you, but when you're not, people go away & you have to keep looking for new friends. It's that simple!

Okay lah, i gtg! May 2012 be a (even) more better year for me, my families, friends & readers out there! :)


So true!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

One year plus already, and they're still not tired!

Someone really gotta understand this herself. It's not due to the 'copying issue' that turned people off. But it's her own personal character that sucks big time.

Example: Talking alot of bad things behind someone's back yet treating her like best friend is simply disgusting.

And hello? You not tired meh? Repeating the same old story to SO MANY people for SO LONG already, STILL NOT TIRED?!

Can grow up anot?!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ms Fake, Mrs Fake or whoever Fake are all around you! BEWARE!

Pretend to be nice to me? Pretend to be one of my blog reader to get access to my personal blog? Wish me Happy Birthday? And even Whatsapp me "passby to send you my regards"? (Becos she used to be my ex-customer of my online shop and thus, she got my number. But i didn't save her number.) So you're actually a spy? LOL

My FB have lotsa "same clan" stalkers. I can actually delete all of them away but well, i don't see them as a threat to me, so there's no need to. Just can't believe they can't stop being childish! Haha

I guess i'm straight forward enough liao. 井水不犯河水. Now that i've stopped, don't make me start again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Hope u'll like this gift i've prepared for u! :)

We're going out for dinner soon, at 7pm. I've prepared my two kids, myself & packed everything. Everytime when we wanna go out, i've to prepare about 2.5 - 3hrs before hand. One hour for two of them, 45mins for myself, 15mins to pack, and the rest is in case of cock up. Becos i don't like to be late and don't like people to wait for me, so i'm always early.

Wah lau, meimei is damn 夸张 now, she drinks 200ml every 2.5hrs. =,= Somemore hor, every meal, drink until clean clean one!

Then this Raeann, everyday watching MALAY cartoons on YouTube, she searched it herself, i wonder how she did it! -____________-"

Don't know why i've sucha weird daughter...

Monday, December 26, 2011

I love my house!

Home alone with two kids now, cos my parents, sis, bro & SIL all went to KL this morning.

Just now, while cooking lunch for Raeann, i saw that the fridge still have some leftover uncooked food from Saturday party. I told Mary, "let's have steamboat/bbq tonight, to clear food".

I called XS, asked her to bring Ashlyn over for dinner, since she's coming over to take her spectacle (she left it here on Sat). Ok, they're coming. SCB Chantal coming over too!

Then my husband asked 4 of his friends to come also.


Princess Ashlyn's 3rd Birthday Bash

Date : 24th Dec 2011, Saturday
Venue : My Home



Stay pretty, healthy, cutie always! :)

I know i'm very late but i was too too too tired to blog yesterday + a knn cb slow laptop that keeps hanging made me lose the mood to blog too. I need a new laptop, like seriously.

Yeah, you didn't read wrongly. It was held at my home... Very fun lah, but also very tiring lor. Well, hope everyone had their fun too.


Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme!


Girls Power!!!

You know, the kids that came that day are ALL GIRLS, about 8 girls in total (minus my mum's friend's kids). Very cute lah, all of them, cos they are around the same age. They made friends in minutes, and the way they speak, it's OMG funny.




Happy Boxing Day! Did you receive lots of presents?! Hee

P/S : Sorry for ending this post so abruptly. Need to bathe for Raechelle already!!! My "work" starts at 7:30am Monday - Sunday and even P.H. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm glad...

It's getting smaller each day!!!

This is taken today, 24th Dec 2011.

I'm happy with the results, but i know i can do it better! :)

Pretty amazed by how a woman's tummy can stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

This was my tummy when i was 6 months plus pregnant. Can you imagine the size of it when i was at 10 months? One word, enormous! LOL (I don't dare & don't want to think about it anymore!)

P/S : I did took a pic when i was about to give birth but it's inside my old phone and that phone has already 'ki chia' (gone into coffin) liao. :(

Okay, i managed to sync and extract it out!!! Don't get a shock okay? LOL

This is taken on 18th Sept 2011, two days before i gave birth. SO SCARY!

But the ironic thing is, i didn't have much stretchmarks this time round and i NEVER apply any cream. First one, i applied and ALOT of stretchmarks. FML

Men out there, please do appreciate your woman when they bring up the courage to give birth for you. It's really not as easy as what some men (like ZY) think.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Rays of Hope and Joy!

Just changed my blog title, if you noticed. From "Our Beautiful Life, Our Unique Script ♥" to "My Rays of Hope and Joy ♥ Raeann and Raechelle". Yes, both of my 'Rae' are the 'Rays' of my life. Without one of them, i won't shine!

They are my hope, my joy, my happiness.

I love this pic so much!!!!!!


Raechelle's little hands. She took out both of the mittens herself & fell asleep.


6 more kgs to go!!! 加油!

My friends are saying that i slimmed down very fast, is that so? Within 3 months, i managed to shed off 15kgs. But the last 6kgs is so difficult to shed off!!! I don't know how to? Can someone teach me? I hope it will go away by itself after i get back to work! *pray*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 3 Months, Raechelle!



We love you so much, meimei!!! *hugs*

P/S : She's 6.2kgs as of today.

She went for her 5 in 1 jab today and she was so brave cos she didn't cry at all. But instead, she kept smiling at the doc and even strangers who were there to see doc. I'm so lucky to be blessed with one very smiley baby. Yes, till now, she still seldom cry, almost never.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's mahjong time!

I'm gonna mahjong soon, with 2 very pro players. When was the last time i played with them? I can't remember liao cos it's super long ago! Seriously, so long didn't play mahjong, i think i'm gonna lose later. Hope i don't lose too much lor!

It's gonna be a sleepless night. No choice! 要享受就要接受!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Different Blood Type, Different Personality

This is damn funny and quite accurate!!!

YES, blood type O is never on time... Like XS & ZY! LOL! Raeann is also an O, omg! LOL, Raechelle is B!

I'm B, always straight to the point.

Hahah, LOL! SO accurate for O type!

Whose blood type is A har? (Remind me of someone! I wonder if she's an A? Ha!)


Try talking to your baby...

IT WORKS LEH!!! Well, at least for my case.

I really really think that Raechelle understands, after so many tries.

Like i told her to sleep through so that i can bring her home everynight when i go back to work, and she did! Her last feed is around 9pm and she will sleep through until 8+am next morning! :)

Then just now, she kept calling and calling cos i was packing things. I carried her awhile and put her down, told her i'm going to bathe, asked her to lie there herself and don't make any noise to disturb her daddy, she still reply me lor. Then i go & bathe, she really didn't make any noise. When i came out, she's sleeping already. LOL!

So blessed to have her! :)

P/S : Added some new items to J Market. Check it out ok! And to those who have stuffs to sell, email me now! First 10 listings FOC!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raechelle explores T3!

Brought our 2 babies along to T3 to send FIL off to Sri Lanka. I was super duper tired, seriously. But ZY insisted bringing them along (cos i asked him to go himself), and i obliged lor... What to do?! I'm a noble mum. LOL!

Well, i managed to buy two shorts there and i duper love the black lacey one (free then take pic), thought of buying all the colors (red & white too) but... it's $35.90 per pc! Yah, i very niao one. 7/8 of my clothes doesn't exceed $30! =X

I bought 4 dresses online these 2 days, plus two shorts at T3 today. Gonna get a nice pair of black flats & i think i settled all my CNY clothes liao.

Haiz, i should stop spending lor, just cleared my credit card bills nia... Haiz



My 2 babies at T3 today!!!


I'm a proud mummy today, heehee. Cos hor, alot of people said that Raechelle is so cute and chubby. But all of them don't believe that she's only 2 months plus, they thought she's about 5 months old. They said it's partly becos i'm not fat now (notice i don't use the word "slim" cos i'm still fat!), doesn't look like i've just given birth 2 months ago.

Hey, i'm still very fat leh, still need to buy M size de shorts lor. I want to go back to S!!!!!!!!!!! Hur hur!


Now, she drinks 180ml per feed every 3 hours. ZY said if she wants to drink, let her drink lor!



Hmm... When will i have the chance to go for holiday again?!

Little Sunshine Baby


This is the smile that brightens up my everyday! :)

Baby, mummy love you so much!!!

Little Sunshine explored T3 today, for the first time.

Seriously don't mind having this kind of life lor. Look after kids and go shopping with them once or twice a week, so much better than working + looking after kids. Even though i still think that it's better for woman to work and earn our own money, but i'm really sick of working now... Sigh! How nice if money can drop from the sky!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Steam Eggs

Okay, many people have asked me to share the recipes aunty taught me here. But i'm very sad, cos i lost it! :( I will share those i've tried and remembered.

Today, i'll be sharing a very simple & healthy dish with very simple ingredients but i am sure the kids will love it loads. =)

3 Steam Eggs

- 1 x Salted egg
- 1 x Century egg
- 2 x Normal eggs
- Half a small bowl of Mince Meat
- 1 teaspoon of Oil
- Half a small bowl of Water

• Peel and cut the salted/century eggs into small pieces.
• Beat & mix the normal eggs together with the mince meat.
• Add in oil.
• Add in water.
• Mix everything together on a 9” steel plate.
• Steam for 8-10 mins.


Monday, December 12, 2011

December Babies

December is all along my poorest month cos IT'S THE SEASON OF GIVING!!!!!! :) Besides those X'mas pressies i have to prepare, there are lots of birthdays this month too.

1st Dec - Chloe's
6th Dec - Jing's
9th Dec - Hamster's
10th Dec - Baby Qiqi's
17th Dec - XS's
25th Dec - X'mas princess Ashlyn's
27th Dec - Mum's

*Strike out means over already.

Now left with 3 VIPs and i've already prepared the gifts for two of them, the last one is on the way!! Usually, i'll always give angbaos for kids' birthday but becos I'M TOO FREE NOW, i've all the time to shop for presents.

This is for the X'mas princess. Yeap, she's no longer interested in Cars, Marie the Cat, Dora or Angry Bird. She's now into Mickey Mouse. And so, i've prepared a bag of Mickey/Minnie stuffs (bag, stationeries, hairband & hairclips) plus a jumbo X'mas Mickey for her!! I hope she will likes it!

And this is for my lovely mum!! She has been saying that she wanted to buy this but cos it's too ex? That's why she didn't buy? I bought the biggest one, i hope it really works miracle for her. LOL! I asked Cheryl for opinion cos i don't use all these de, i don't need it yet, my skin is still doing fine! :)

I'm really broke now, i spent SGD 1,437.96 on online shopping within 1 month (there's another card bill for shopping at malls)!!! And i'm still happily shopping now... How to stop har??!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

fat, Fat, FAT!

Dear Santa, i wish to slim down another 7kgs, please grant my wish. Sincerely, Joanne.

It has become a routine to go back to CCK during every Sunday. And today, my mil cooked laksa!

讲真的, it's quite good! :)


Qiqi's ONEderful Birthday Party

Date : 10th Dec 2011, Saturday
Venue : The Pines


Elmo Theme

This one very cute, like sun flower!!!

Didn't managed to snap any pics during the cake-cutting becos too many people were taking pics. No space for me to squeeze in at all!

We all had fun, food was good, aunty went too! :) And hor, my Raeann is really a good self-entertainer. She can socialize very well man! Here talk talk, there talk talk, even to those people she don't know? LOL

You know, on the way there, she anyhow mumble two numbers, 8822 and 7722. ZY bought 全打 and struck both numbers on that very day. When we were there, she went to tell Agnes, "我 papa 今天会中马票". And he really struck lor! :)

P/S : I'm still very against asking numbers from kids. But this is different. Nobody asked, Raeann anyhow say like how she always do. But you see, i don't bother becos i'm not a 4D queen.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


OMFG, i just went into my Nuffnang account and this is what i saw!

Yesterday first prize was 1199, or 9911? Forgot liao.

IF, i logged in yesterday, i would have strike! I seldom log into Nuffnang de. Whenever i log in and if it happens to be a 4D day, i will definitely buy the earning amount number. And if it's a 4 or 6 permutation number, i'll definitely 全打 lor (cos if i don't, ZY will scold me, lol)! Shit lah!



And by the way, saw this?!

My very own J Market, click to view what is all about! Thanks!

Meet-up with 金姐!

Aunty called me on Monday morning, saying that she is in SG now, for a holiday. But 2 kids were at home with me that day, and so, i arranged for a meet-up yesterday noon. Raeann went to aunt's place while my LOVELY sis helped me out with meimei despite having her exams now. HAHA! (Must praise her abit, if not she will niam niam niam.) GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS!

Went to pick her up and brought her to RWS for lunch. Well, she said she haven go there before so i brought her there to see see look look. Nothing much there for old people, other than the casino. I promised i'll pay $100 and go in with her one day, when i get back to work! Haha


Had this for lunch, sad to say, not very nice. Should have bring her to Tampopo instead.

She wanted to see Raechelle so much but i can't bring her out as i don't have baby car seat, gonna borrow it from XS so that i can bring them home everyday after work alone. So i suggested bringing her to my place to see meimei, she said okay.


And don't know what lead to the topic of food, i told her i miss her soy sauce chicken the most. She asked if there's any chicken at home, she gonna teach me how to cook! Unfortunately, there's no chicken, only some wings and thus, we went to JP to buy!


TADAH!!!!!!! I think i know how to cook this liao, it's very simple actually. Gonna try it one day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raechelle's first flip!

OMG, omg, i'm so thrilled that i must blog about this today!

6th Dec 2011, Raechelle at 2 months 16 days old and...


She did it herself without any help. Took this video when only she was doing it halfway cos i never think that she can do it so fast cos her jiejie only flipped at 3 months+! Honestly, i didn't want her to learn flipping so fast too. Very busy leh, now i gotta look after two kids everyday!

It will be all okay if Raeann is not that mischievious. Cos she ALWAYS like to disturb her meimei (especially when she's sleeping soundly) despite me telling her ALOT of times not to. She meant no harm, she only wanted to play with her, just that she's too rough.


She's so scary lor, always wanna carry her sister when we didn't notice. And this meimei ah, she didn't cry, she can keep smiling somemore!


Now, i can officially announce that, MEIMEI IS TRAINED TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT LIAO, she has been sleeping through for the past 10 days? Think so! She's really very fast leh, her jiejie only slept through at about 4 months old, and she? 2 months. Proud of u, my baby girl!