Monday, January 31, 2011

Wrong timing...

This infinity rain is SCARY, been raining for 3 days & nights non stop. As a result, i caught the flu bug, so terrible. And i wasn't allow to take any medicine... Sigh! How to recover lidat? HAHA, i should blame myself cos i don't want to see a doc. I stingy, i niao. LOL

Becos i never strike 4D! My new house's unit number came out last night! I never strike but ZY struck. He struck 2 numbers lor but i've got no share of it at all! TMD. Why i never buy ah? It's only last Sunday we chosen the flat, i should buy de mah!

No lah, i'm just talking nonsense cos i think i'll see a doc later, BTH liao man. The running nose & fever are really killing me... Sigh

Last night, me and Raeann and Bobo squeezed together on one bed! LOL! Becos i went to Bo's room and has no strength to go back to my own room. So, Bo helped me to make milk for Raeann and brought her barangs up as well. Now ah, everyone offered their help to me unconditionally, I FEEL SO BLESSED!

But sigh, i'm so sick now till i've got no mood for anything. I've got a review but i haven start anything on it yet. Oh body, please recover fast so i've got the energy to do my things!

P/S : My iPhone cable 'tio kope', i can't upload any pics now and my camera is at home. :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm blessed with a supportive family!

Received this very meaningful and touching email from my dearest SIL and i decided to share it...

P/S : Of cos, there are some secrets shared & i'm not going to post it here! =)

True love should be transformative, a process that amplifies our capacity to cherish not just one person but all people. It can make us stronger, lift us higher and deepen us as individuals. Only to the extent that one polishes oneself now can one hope to develop wonderful bonds of the heart in the future. You are the example of amplified capacity to give unconditionally to ZY and your family. You are one Wei Da mummy already!

Become like the sun. If you do so, all darkness will be dispelled. No matter what happens, live confidently with the conviction that you, yourself are the "sun." Of course, in life there are sunny days and cloudy days. But even on cloudy days, the sun is still the sun. Even when you are suffering, it is vital that you strive to keep the sun shining brightly in your heart. A mother is the sun of the family, always shining even on stormy days to brighten the family's condition, so strive to be the sun!

Only by overcoming life's problems and obstacles can we become truly strong. If everything always goes smoothly, we will grow complacent and be unable to build a solid foundation for our lives. Only by experiencing suffering ourselves can we understand the suffering of others and deepen our compassion.

When we limit ourselves with low expectations, the growth of the tree of happiness ceases. The power of growth, of improvement, the power to overcome all stagnation and break through every obstacle and transform a barren wasteland into a verdant field--that unstoppable power of hope resides right within your own heart. It wells up from the rich earth of your innermost being when you face the future without doubt or fear: "I can do more. I can grow. I can become a bigger and better human being." Life is a never-ending struggle to grow

In reality, everyone struggles with anxieties. The seed of happiness only blooms when one stays strong and never gives up.

Rise to the challenges that life presents you. You can't develop genuine character and ability by sidestepping adversity and struggle.

Seriously, i feel really touched to receive her email, it really came as a surprise. Not forgetting my forever supportive sis, she sent me a SMS to cheer me up few days ago.

And of cos, my dearest mum, she's forever so supportive and caring! Even my aunt, she offered her kindest help even though she's not in the best health condition.

And the guys in my family, even though they didn't said much but i knew they cared & feel happy for me.


Angry or funny?

Few days ago...

Raeann pee and accidentally wet a small part of the toilet bowl. Of cos, i washed it.

Then she said she wanted to poo. She went to the toilet and came out asking me why is the toilet bowl so wet.

I told her, "cos just now you accidentally dirtied it & that's why i washed it".

She asked me to go and dry it for her. I asked her to do it herself, not as if she don't know how to.

She said, "又不是我弄湿的".

I told her is all becos she dirtied it then i've to wash it, asked her to stop her nonsense and go clean it!

She went to the toilet, take toilet paper & cleaned it very unwillingly & grumbled away, "叫你抹一下都不可以 meh?"

FML seriously, i don't know to be angry or to laugh...

She's very very very irritating recently, which made me blew up very often.

I hope she can be more obedient lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favorite Pen

I'm writing my vouchers now and that gave me an inspiration to blog about this! HAHA

May i ask...

What is your favorite type of pen????

Cos to me, pen is very important as i'm using it every working days. And my handwriting depends alot on the pen. If i don't like the pen, my handwriting will be sucks, i don't know why.

#1) I need to use a ink pen instead of a ball point pen. If i use ball point pen, my handwriting will be like shit! As in, very difficult to read.

#2) The ink pen cannot be more than 0.5. If too thick, my handwriting will be very fat! LOL

So, after searching, trying & testing for many years, I'VE FINALLY FOUND MY FAVOURITE PEN.

And it gotta be...


I tell you lor, this is the best pen i've ever use. Not too fine and not too thick, just nice. The grip is not too thin and not too fat, just nice too. I think i bought more than 10 of this (cos hor, people always 'kope' my pens) but i'm left with only one now. Shit lah, i need to go and buy more liao becos i'm going to start on the more than 10 books of vouchers soon. :(

Full of frustrations!

NEVER FOR ONCE when i need his help, he's there. NEVER.

But when his friends need help, he will be the FIRST ONE to fly there and kpo.

And all he knows is to give stupid comments and suggestions. Or MAYBE is someone else giving such stupid suggestions and comments, i don't know.

He suggested, that i change school for Raeann (to the one near his house) & send her to CCK every morning (instead of my aunt's house) and then pick her home every evening becos his mother can send Raeann to school EVEN when it's raining very heavily.


How would i able to work in peace when i've to think what stupid stunts will Raeann learn, everyday?? And i think i'll be more frustrated if Raeann gets out of hand, in another words, SPOILT ROTTEN.

I've already said this many many many times. Even till the day i die, i won't let my MIL look after Raeann. So, stop suggesting this to me. It will only make me more fed up.

If i were to sacrifies Raeann for any other things, I WOULD RATHER GIVE UP ON THE LATTER.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hormones Disorders

I think i'm facing it now! Cos there's outbreak of lil' pimples on my face & I CAN'T SQUEEZE ANYTHING OUT AT ALL! Si bei irritating lor!

Becos of this (hormones disorder), i'm so hot & short-tempered lately, especially towards ZY & Raeann. :(

I don't know why, i just don't wish to see or talk to ZY. I just feel super pekchek towards him. As for Raeann, she keep on doing things to make me angry & is super duper sticky & yang-o with me, I CANNOT TAKE IT! And thus, i keep losing my temper even though i tried very hard not to. FML

Was chatting with SS on Whatsapp few days ago, she was telling me about "中年发福". I think it's true leh! When you hit late twenties, it's very very very difficult to slim down liao, and you will get fat for no reason. Sigh!

Oh, it doesn't concern me actually cos i'm only 18 mah! =D

Just got my new noted changed... Didn't know there's limit per pax for changing new notes now! Luckily the bank that we went, changed $5000 of $10 at one shot for us instead of the limit $500 per pax. =.=

Seriously, $500 enough meh? It's not even enough for me lor (me and ZY gave a total of $3+K angbaos last year leh, cos we gave seperately). Not to mention that i'm helping so many people to change too!

But this year, ZY only gave me $1K to 包 and the rest, i've to top it up myself! :( FML! I shouldn't have work leh. If i never work, he CANNOT ask me to pay for anything at all. Sigh

My only resolution for 2011 - I WANT TO BE A TAI TAI! I DON'T WANNA WORK ANYMORE!

Heng ah, another thing settled. I'm really SO BUSY lah. I hope my husband can understand and STOP giving me more (extra) stuffs to do. He's SO FREE, he should do it himself instead of opening his mouth to 'order' me to do for him, right?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please advise!

For those who balloted a flat from HDB, i need your advices.

Issit okay to ask pay HDB to do the flooring and doors for us?

P/S : Sad lah! My CPF is going to be deducted until 'kosong'. :(

Monday, January 24, 2011

Too much changes lately...

P/S : Photobucket is finally up again... Aiyo!

Okay, i'm back to the office with Raeann beside me now! Sigh, i'm so tired leh, got so many things to do, going crazy soon. I haven buy shoes for Raeann yet! My mum said she has so many shoes (about 20 pairs? or more?) already and there's no need to buy anymore. But i insisted to buy lah cos new year mah, everything must be new. That's what my parents gave it to me when i was young, so it's kinda a habit for me to do so liao, even for myself! =X Hanna hanna, that's just an excuse to justify myself, i'm just a shoes freak, that's all.


Her new wardrobe, it's NOT enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wah lau, i knew that she has alot of clothes but i didn't realise she has THAT MUCH lor! I've already cleared one big bag away liao leh! Aiyoyo!

But anyway, will get her a bigger one in 2015 (or earlier) cos...



I don't know it's consider heng or sway leh? Our queue number is 409 and it exceeded the quota for chinese ethnic by 100+ but there's this one LAST unit on the 10th storey for us (There are still units available on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th storeys lah, all units above 6th storey are fully taken). ZY's so happy lor whereas me, don't feel anything at all. I don't know why, am not happy or excited about having my own house leh! I want to stay with my mummy lah! :(

YA, i know, this is just part and parcel of life, i need to have my own house sooner or later de! Think of the brighter side then, ALL my best friends are staying at that area & we gonna be neighbour in 2015! I already told XS that i'll eng eng walk to her house & play mahjong wan. HAHA

So much things are/will be happening in 2011... Kinda stress cos i'm not prepared for it at all! :(


I'm & will be damn busy lately until after CNY... So, please pardon my lack of blogging!

P/S : DAMN IT! My photobucket is down again! FML

So many damn things to do!!!!!! Need to go and pick up my darling girl soon! Shall blog a quick one now!
Sorry for the delay for the hairclips give-away.

The winners are as follows:-

Kindly email your address to Thanks!

Received this email earlier from Li Juan, thank you TSS, Ginvera & all my lovely readers. I'll post up another give-away for you guys after CNY. =)

Alright, GTG now! Bye...

Friday, January 21, 2011

What should the title be?

Wah lau eh, the delivery man is playing a joke on me lor. They called me last evening, said that they will deliver the wardrobe between 10am-12pm today. I waited and waited then they called me at 11+am, said that something cropped up and they changed the timing from 2pm-4pm. I asked them if they could come earlier, about 12pm-1pm cos i need to rush to office after packing. They told me cannot. Well then, i went to shower and come to office. When i reached office around 1pm, they called and said they will be reaching soon. =.= 很好笑 leh!

Just now when packing, i found this...


This was drawn by my sis during that time i was pregnant & scanned that Raeann's brain has 2 bubbles (down syndrome symptom) on it. I kept crying and refused to talk to anyone, i locked myself inside the room and she slotted this piece of paper under my door.

Aiya, this sis of mine, sometimes she's very irritating but whenever i need somebody, she will be there. Unlike my husband, he is never there for me!

From time to time, i can't stop myself from thinking, thinking how tough it is to be a mother... The fear & pain of losing, the emotional torment, the desperate moments when you can do nothing except praying & praying, i totally hate that kind of torture. Sigh

加油 to all the mummies in the world!


This pill made me fat! How come everyone's telling me there's no side effect??? BLUFF ME! From today onwards, i'm not gonna trust any contraceptive pills anymore.


Meiling asked her hb to pass me this chips 2 days ago! (Thank you girl!) I haven tried it yet but she said it's nice! I forgot the name liao... I remembered she told me is a kind of PLANT though! Plant made into chips? Interesting leh! I cannot start snacking now cos i'm getting fat liao... Urghhhh!

So busy!

Gonna start packing & throwing again... Wardrobe is coming later, sooner than expected. Also good lah, cos i can settle this thing once and for all.

After packing, I need to rush to office to do up some documents, gonna select my flat this Sunday! I hope all the units are taken up and ZY will give up on it cos I really don't like the location lah! It's so far from Raeann's school!

But he said, if there's an unit above 5th storey, he will take! :( PRAY THERE ISN'T ANYMORE LEFT! I really wonder why my butt so itchy, go & ballot in the first place. TMD!

Sometimes, I really think that god is playing tricks on us. When we wanted it so much, they refused to give. But when we don't want it, it will come. Why lidat? Sigh

Alright, gonna get busy now. Till then. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I don't know why... Everytime i watched a HK TVB series, i will...

Fall in love with the male lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

BFF knew i'm crazy over this show cos i've been rushing home before 9pm every weekday, just for this show. (Erm, okay, minus away the days when i was not in SG.) Hence, she bought me the DVD!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Molly! But stupid ZY refused to pass it to me until i went over last weekend & Raeann putted it into my bag. YES, she said it's mine and her favourite show. LOL! She will watch it with me every night! 

Raymond Lam is getting more and more 帅 lor! I remember the first time i seen him on TV, he was black like charcoal, not 起眼 at all de. But now, dunno why he suddenly become so yandao? WHY HAR?

Raeann & me are always discussing that 'Kingsley' is very handsome and ZY will say, "我比他还 handsome lor". -_______________-||

Forgive him cos he doesn't look at the mirror.

Whenever he said that, i'll ask Raeann to laugh at him, loudly. LOL

'Gordon' also looked more handsome in this show, don't ya think so? =D

Aiya, tonight is the last episode liao! Tune in to channel 855 @ 9pm!

I watched it already and i teared at certain part! LOL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you, Biore!

I mentioned that i would like to keep the wobbler with my face on it as remembrance right? Read here if you don't know what i'm talking about.

Alright, Biore heard me!!! I received an email from Biore brand assistant last week, she readed my blog & saw that i wanted it, she volunteered to send one to me. :))))


And i received it yesterday!!!


Thank you so muchie! Really appreciate your thought and effort! ^^


Yesterday was day 2 of PACK & THROW. One more big bag of rubbish gone. My room is about 4/10 neat now! LOL

And i realised... I BOUGHT SO MANY RUBBER BANDS & HAIRCLIPS BUT NEVER USE THEM! FML! Frankly speaking, some of them, i forgotten when and where i bought them, and i was kinda surprise to find them in my drawer. I'm sucha spendthrift, sigh!


Have packed it neatly into one basket & three drawers. LOL


Oh, love this! I promised i'll use it soon!

And hey, i won't forget you people lor. I'm gonna give 2 pairs away to 2 lucky readers!!! (Read below)



Random pick of YELLOW or BLUE.

In order to win, simply leave a comment with your email address, that's all! :)

2 winners will be selected randomly on 21st Jan 2011, 12pm.

Start commenting now! Good luck! :)


Oh btw...


Anyone interested in this AUTHENTIC DISNEY 3M HOOKS? Assorted designs & colors available.

Selling @ 1 for $3.90 or 3 for $10.00. I've more than 10 in stocks, pics will be up soon! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

$2 Magic Detergent

How often did you girls change your cosmetic puff or sponge? Weekly? Monthly?

Do you wash it? With what?

When i was taking my Professional Make-Up Artist Diploma with Kimarie many years ago, my 'teacher' taught me to wash it daily with baby body shampoo becos we need to use it on different person during every lesson. Puff/sponge wasn't really that cheap last time and i was only 17 YO, no income yet. Since then, i've developed a habit of washing my sponges (yea, i've about 3) frequently & change it every 2-3 months.

P/S : Of cos, if you're rich enough, you can forgo this step and change your sponge weekly.

Okay, the purpose of this entry is to let you girls know...

I've found a GEM!!!


The magic puff & sponge detergent.

It really removes foundation/bb cream/etc, with just one wash. You can get it from any DAISO @ $2!!! I swear i'm gonna stock up more of it soon!!!

The season of SPENDING!

Have you guys started spring cleaning? I've started mine during the weekend! Already threw one big bag of rubbish, more to go & EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE NEW this year! I'll get rid of ALL the unwanted stuffs/people away. Heehee

Ordered a new wardrobe (in the sweetest color combination, pink + purple + white) for Raeann & it will arrive in about 10 days time. Really excited about this cos i can finally pack all her stuffs into one specific space, although it might not be enough. But at least, MY ROOM CAN FINALLY BE NEATER liao.

To think that my room used to be so neat & tidy before i was married, how did i actually tolerate such mess for more than 3 years ah? Raeann is a very pro mess-er, JUST LIKE HER DAD, both are the same, ZY could be worse. At least, everytime i asked Raeann to pack the things she took out back to it's original spot, she will do, even though it's not very neat. But as for ZY, HE WILL WAIT FOR THE THINGS TO WALK BACK ITSELF, which will never ever happen, unless got ghost. Thus, i'll be the one who do so with alot of naggings as background. Tell me lah, how not to nag when your partner refuse to cooperate? HOW? Can one tolerance level really be that high? Sigh



The sweet lil' one...

You know hor, she will stand up for me de. Yesterday when we were watching TV, ZY don't know do what to me (forgot liao), i stared at him, she jitao go smack his hand & tell him, "看你还敢不敢弄 mummy lah". LOL! But she's really sticky to me nowadays, i don't know why... Aiyoyo


Yummylicious Pineapple Tarts


This is all along my no. 1 favourite CNY goodie.

ZY & SIL ordered 30 big bottles from their relative and we went to collect it last night!


ZY bought 2 big bottles for my parents & i also bought 2 big bottles home. So now, my house has 4 big bottles of pineapple tarts but i don't dare to start eating yet cos once i start, i cannot stop! HELP!!!!!

P/S : If you're interested to order, you can leave a comment or email me for more details! :)

Updates on the Pineapple Tarts

Due to overwhelming responses, i've decided to post the infos here.

  • $20.00 per (big) bottle (50+ pcs)
  • Self collection at Jurong
  • Free delivery to one address for 10 bottles & above

To confirm, leave a comment with your email and the number of bottles you want. I'll collect full payment first just in case of dead buyers. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I ♥ Changi Airport!

Oh yeah, my parents are backie! Went to the airport to pick them up just now...



Taken before leaving the house...


As it was still early when we reached airport, we took the skytrain from T1 to T3 for shopping first!!! I knew T3 is very beautiful (i've been there when it just opened) and there are quite a few shops around now!


I seriously think that, she's looking more and more like her father leh. 不是一件好事 lor!


She looks like she has got dimples in this pic hor?


Does this fabric looks familar??? Hahaha! Bought it for my darling of cos, but in another design de! Bought another 2 blouses, a shorts & an Oscar tee for her as well!

Her new clothes are more than enough to last her for the entire 15 days of CNY man! I HOPE SHE WILL WEAR THEM LAH!


Raeann dragged ZY to play this with her for 2 times. She actually wanted to play somemore but my parents' flight has landed liao.


When ZY's around, her legs are ALWAYS spoil wan. She will refuse to walk and keep asking ZY to carry her. Then ZY always ask me to carry, 真要命! She never do that to me when she's alone with me de!

But i guessed she's really tired as it was her sleeping time already. Now that she started school liao, her sleeping time has adjusted back to normal. During weekdays, she will be in bed by 10pm, for sure.


 As we were also very tired from carrying her, we had to place her in the trolley and she adjusted herself to this position! LOL

Anyway, she fell asleep inside the car and till now, she's still sleeping very soundly. I need to go to bed now cos she'll wakes me up damn early tomorrow morning! :( Gotta attend ZY's friend's house warming too!

Nights everyone! ^^

Friday, January 14, 2011

WOW, they're so 'chio'!

Remember this post???

Guess what? I saw the 2 'chio bu/s' at JP last night!

I was at Famous Amos cos Raeann was showing me the huge cookie that looks like a cake and asking me to buy it for her. ZY went to toilet. I was all the while looking at those cookies until i turned my head over & i saw these 2 'chio bu/s' at Singpost.

From far, i recognised them cos THEY'RE SO OUTSTANDING lor. Errr, i mean, their size!

First thing that came to my mind was, "wah lau eh, they're like 2x - 3x my size & they look lidat yet they got the cheek to criticise me? Don't they have any mirror at home?".


After seeing them, i feel that I'M SO SLIM sia.

Seriously, they're those you won't bother to take a 2nd look at them type of people.

And it's NOT as if they don't put on any makeup, their makeup are damn thick too! It's just that NO MATTER how they makeup, they still look the same; ugly, that's all. Makeup does wonders, but it doesn't works on them. Or maybe without makeup, they totally look like ....? (Guess the word! Haha)

I think it's fate that i get to see them, and know exactly how they look like. It's to BOOST UP MY SELF-ESTEEM lah! Cos my vulnerable heart got hurt badly by their criticisms & i was very upset about it. So ya... god is very kind to me!

Well, of cos they may still think THEY'RE GOD DAMN GORGEOUS lah, i'm just speaking MY very frank opinion here. Please pardon my straight-forwardness! :))))))

Limited Edition Care Bears FEVO Card


I just bought this!



Isn't this cute to the max? :)


7 utterly cute designs made you spoilt for choice. Bundled with a 4" Care Bears plush toy too!


FEVO is a MasterCard branded payment card that allows the cardholder to make purchases and payments anywhere MasterCard is accepted, just like one would with a credit or debit card. FEVO can be used internationally, wherever MasterCard is accepted, including phone and Internet transactions.


Paying with your FEVO Prepaid MasterCard has never been more REWARDING!! For the year of 2011, enjoy 0.3% rebate off your bill when you make payment via the MasterCard purse in your FEVO card.

FEVO also now comes with an ez-link transit function, which means you can use your card to get around on local public transport and make payments at EZ-Link merchants island-wide.

Shop, dine, and get around town… all with the same card!

THIS CARD IS DAMN INTERESTING CAN! I didn't know there is such card around till today!

Things to note : After buying, you will need to ACTIVATE YOUR CARD here! You can also REGISTER YOUR CARD there so that you can top up your FEVO card online and protects you against card theft. I don't know how it works lah cos i haven top up & try yet.

I also don't know will i ever use it anot as i bought it only becos it's damn cute!

So cute, so cute! I feel like getting all the 7 designs leh! LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My recent online shopping loots!

Been wanting to get a cheongsum for CNY since many years ago but has got no courage to. Cos you know cheongsum is quite body hugging wan, it will shows your figure clearly. I don't have that kind of people-would-die-for figure & that's why i procrastinate every year!

But this year, i've decided that I MUST WEAR A CHEONGSUM lah! Cos i'm getting older liao, don't wear now, then wait till 40 years old then wear meh?


Well, i know i don't have the figure to carry out this cheongsum well lah! BUT at least, i don't have huge tummy/stomach and i can fit into it! SO HAPPY!!! The material of this cheongsum is superb! So worth it for just $36! But the thing is, i can and only will wear it for ONCE.


Another great purchase is this tube dress! I LIKE IT SO MUCH LAH!!! 

So happy! I'll be expecting a few more parcels for the next few days! Hahaha! Now i wanna shop for SHOESSSSSSSSSSSS! :))))))))

P/S : One of my friend always use this sentence, "丑人多做怪" and i find it VERY TRUE now. Don't understand why such people exist. 自己长的不怎么样,妆画的那么浓,却一直批评别人。没身材,没样貌,还很鸡婆。真受不了!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Found some pics on my phone & laptop which i'm supposed to post but has got no time to resize and upload forgot!

P/S : Lil' rascal has been taking my phone, playing with the camera, snapping here and that, this and that. Just now when i tried to upload the lenses i took with my phone, i got a shock when i saw all the pics she snapped. ALL VERY CANDID LOR but i'm not going to post it here lah!


LOL! Chloe took this pic for her!


ZY brought us to Coca steamboat last Saturday! Taste so much better than MK steamboat in Hat Yai!


She cannot live without meat! Every meal, she needs to have meat! 跟鸡和猪有仇! And the sad thing is, she doesn't want to eat vege no matter how we force her to. Same like her dad lor, never eat any vege wan!


Went shopping at EA and i was arguing with ZY over this bag. He said this bag is for sales wan. I told him that this is like their 'paper bag' lah. He don't believe until he asked the sales lady. Seriously, WHO WILL BUY THIS BAG OFF THE SHELF AH???


Anyway, ZY bought a sling bag & they gave me one big and one small for free! Hahaha I very auntie right? But it's good leh. I can put alot of things and won't tear easily! :)


Mc'Cafe Oreo Cheesecake! VERY NICE!

I cannot see any food pic when i'm hungry! I'M VERY HUNGRY NOW!

Please use the right word!

Meaning of HYPOCRITE

A person who pretends to be what he or she is not; one who pretends to be better than is really so, or to be pious, virtuous, etc. without really being so.

This is HYPOCRITE! I seriously don't think that this word suits me at all. =.=

If i'm so, i won't keep complaining on my blog. I would PRETEND to be like an angel & ONLY mention all the good things on my blog.

I'm not a pretentious person at all. IF i don't like you, i don't pretend to be nice to you yet 'ka' your 'lj wei' behind your back. I will get you out of my life. THIS IS ME!


If you wanna scold/comment/criticise on somebody, do it with a standard leh! Use the right word and target on the right issue. Haha! Don't be like a LOSER, lose already then target on people's look and family. If you've got nothing to say, just keep your mouth shut. All your comments are redundant anyway.

Thank you for taking so much time to read my blog & GET ANGRY OVER WHAT I WRITE! HAHAHAHA



Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Some bo liao, eat too full, nothing to do people wanna start something again! HAHA

Just curious, if u hate me so much, why are you STILL stalking my blog, targeting on everything I said?

What a LOSER! Booooooooo FYL lah!

Never contented!

I don't know what's wrong with those elderly people...

When you're 20+ but still not married, they will pressure you with, "when are you getting married?".

And when you're married, they will pressure you with, "when are you having a baby?".

And when you have a kid already, they will pressure you with, "when are you having second one?".

So and so forth.



Especially those aunties, they always compare us to them...

"Last time i gave birth to 4/5/6 also lidat"

Also know how to say is last time liao. Now is now what!

Now, everything's so expensive. From monthly checkup, to giving birth, to milk powder, to diapers, to educations, to enrichment classes, etc, ALL VERY EXPENSIVE LEH!

And also, kids are damn smart, cheeky & mischievious nowadays, which will make you vomit extra blood also. Think so easy to discipline them well meh? Think like last time, kids (like us) all 'gong gong' wan meh?

If got people help u, give birth to 10 also no problem. If no one helps, give birth to so many for what??? People who seldom see them love to play with them, think they're so cute. But the one who's looking after them SUFFER, nobody knows.

I still stick to my own stand, ONE IS ENOUGH!

Yes, i may be selfish for not giving my hb a BOY (So 老古董 mind! But anyway, he did not ask for a boy now liao. Cos he gets along really well with Raeann and he thinks that a girl will also be fine. HAHA) & Raeann a sibling. But when nobody helps me, WHO IS THE SELFISH ONE? I don't wish to die so early.

I think i'll face ALOT of this question this coming CNY... Is either i'll smile it off or i'll debate for myself!

This is one of the reason i don't like CNY anymore!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Prawning @ Bird Park

Last Friday, ZY brought us to Bird Park for prawning...


Back to this oh-so-familiar place again... Few years back, i was there almost everyday, after work!


I went to search my previous blog & i found this pic of the lobsters i caught & brought home to rear in a fish tank few years back! :)

In case anyone don't know, this (Bird Park) prawning premise has been taken over/back by the previous boss, also the one at Bishan. The uncle still remembers me after all these years lor! Haha It's much cleaner at Bird Park now!




Funny Raeann looked so pro here!


Oh! She caught a mini prawn! Hahaha No lah, actually is i caught it de! I'm still as pro as ever, caught 10 in less than an hour! =P


ZY was trying his luck on catching crabs! But after 2 hours, he still did not managed to catch any. =X


Putting crabs in when we just reached! ZY went to ask for one crab! HAHA


He gave us one! Then when we were about to leave, ZY went to ask the uncle for another one cos he complaint that it was so difficult to catch. LOL! The uncle is nice lah, he gave us another one.

Reached CCK at around 11+pm and ZY asked my MIL to cook chilli crabs (with that 2 pathetic crabs) cos he wanna eat! And my MIL really went down to buy chilli paste to cook for him!!! =.=

Sorry, i think it's so ridiculous lah. But one is spoilt, the other one is willing, so what can i say? Non of my business also.


Ending this post with pics of cheeky Raeann! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My lovely friend...


Need i say more? She's just mad awesome! ♥

Not much pics taken cos we were too busy talking & eating. I showed her the mad chio 'Flying Falsie' pic and she laughed till she dropped. She said, even she, whom know nuts about makeup won't be able to put up falsie like that! That proves that NOBODY can master the 'Flying Falsie' skill except one person in this world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


We tried out this new dish at Yokozuna - vegetable tempura. Oh ya, Ling loves their yoko yoko too!

When we were about to leave, the boss instructed the waitress to take a pic of us to put up the board. WOW, i feel like a celebrity! HAHAHA Cos usually people will only take pics of celebrities to put up their board de mah! But that pic is damn ugly, i think. I look ultra fat in it. Shit man, how to destroy it? LOL


Bought 2 boxes of this back, for my aunt and family!


Tried violet lens today!!! CHIO MAN!!! Eh, i mean the lens, not me!