Friday, January 28, 2011

Angry or funny?

Few days ago...

Raeann pee and accidentally wet a small part of the toilet bowl. Of cos, i washed it.

Then she said she wanted to poo. She went to the toilet and came out asking me why is the toilet bowl so wet.

I told her, "cos just now you accidentally dirtied it & that's why i washed it".

She asked me to go and dry it for her. I asked her to do it herself, not as if she don't know how to.

She said, "又不是我弄湿的".

I told her is all becos she dirtied it then i've to wash it, asked her to stop her nonsense and go clean it!

She went to the toilet, take toilet paper & cleaned it very unwillingly & grumbled away, "叫你抹一下都不可以 meh?"

FML seriously, i don't know to be angry or to laugh...

She's very very very irritating recently, which made me blew up very often.

I hope she can be more obedient lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yes, saw ur fb post...
    I really happy for u..

  2. i msn u wor. but no response. think our msn connection is bad~ congrats ^_^ =D

  3. Oh cos i was out whole day. Thank u Sera!

  4. anyway i tot u been using contraceptive pills ? how cum still got conceive ?

    U r lucky.. my fren wanted very much but still no news..

    Well JIA YOU !!! JIA YOU !!

  5. Hmm... I WISH TO KNOW WHY ALSO! Precisely. Why on earth did i still get preg when i'm on pills??? WHY!!



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