Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I don't know why... Everytime i watched a HK TVB series, i will...

Fall in love with the male lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

BFF knew i'm crazy over this show cos i've been rushing home before 9pm every weekday, just for this show. (Erm, okay, minus away the days when i was not in SG.) Hence, she bought me the DVD!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Molly! But stupid ZY refused to pass it to me until i went over last weekend & Raeann putted it into my bag. YES, she said it's mine and her favourite show. LOL! She will watch it with me every night! 

Raymond Lam is getting more and more 帅 lor! I remember the first time i seen him on TV, he was black like charcoal, not 起眼 at all de. But now, dunno why he suddenly become so yandao? WHY HAR?

Raeann & me are always discussing that 'Kingsley' is very handsome and ZY will say, "我比他还 handsome lor". -_______________-||

Forgive him cos he doesn't look at the mirror.

Whenever he said that, i'll ask Raeann to laugh at him, loudly. LOL

'Gordon' also looked more handsome in this show, don't ya think so? =D

Aiya, tonight is the last episode liao! Tune in to channel 855 @ 9pm!

I watched it already and i teared at certain part! LOL


  1. hey, don u tink raymond in the show look fat ??

  2. I love this show, thou i finish the show, i still ask my fren buy the vd to kip..

  3. Joyce, issit the legs??? LOL

    I think he's consider macho?? fit?? AT LEAST he don't have a globe on his tummy. LOL

  4. i find Ma Guo Ming more handsome lei.. hahaha.... i was electroshock by him.. haha....

  5. I think it's their character they acted that makes them so attractive.

  6. Gordon is a flirt inside lor! He has complication r/s.

    Raymond lam yue lai yue you mei li le.

  7. YA YA YA YA ! OMG. If only... =X


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