Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm & will be damn busy lately until after CNY... So, please pardon my lack of blogging!

P/S : DAMN IT! My photobucket is down again! FML

So many damn things to do!!!!!! Need to go and pick up my darling girl soon! Shall blog a quick one now!
Sorry for the delay for the hairclips give-away.

The winners are as follows:-

Kindly email your address to Thanks!

Received this email earlier from Li Juan, thank you TSS, Ginvera & all my lovely readers. I'll post up another give-away for you guys after CNY. =)

Alright, GTG now! Bye...


  1. Congrats ^^

    p.s I think a mother is always busy and lack of sleep too. Guess you need a break(holiday) again!

  2. YA, i also think i need another holiday!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks dear =)
    i've sent you an email last week, not sure if u receive it?


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