Thursday, January 27, 2011

Full of frustrations!

NEVER FOR ONCE when i need his help, he's there. NEVER.

But when his friends need help, he will be the FIRST ONE to fly there and kpo.

And all he knows is to give stupid comments and suggestions. Or MAYBE is someone else giving such stupid suggestions and comments, i don't know.

He suggested, that i change school for Raeann (to the one near his house) & send her to CCK every morning (instead of my aunt's house) and then pick her home every evening becos his mother can send Raeann to school EVEN when it's raining very heavily.


How would i able to work in peace when i've to think what stupid stunts will Raeann learn, everyday?? And i think i'll be more frustrated if Raeann gets out of hand, in another words, SPOILT ROTTEN.

I've already said this many many many times. Even till the day i die, i won't let my MIL look after Raeann. So, stop suggesting this to me. It will only make me more fed up.

If i were to sacrifies Raeann for any other things, I WOULD RATHER GIVE UP ON THE LATTER.


  1. My sis told me my nephew learnt a lot of stunts/words from his cousins (all about same age 3 y/o) and also spitting at people too. His cousins are spoilt ones usually a maid will take care of them, the parents bought psp, ipod like when they are only 2-3 y/o then kept 'pek' my nephew making him also want a psp.
    You know kids always want this want that.

    Think can't blame the MIL cause had to take care 3-4 kids every morning/afternoon. My sister is also working too.

    Actually my nephew is a nice boy but becoming super huai dan nowadays. Sometimes, i feel like slapping my nephew because he is too arrogant at his age.

    So if can afford to do so, it's better to take care of own children.

    I can't imagine if my kids are like my nephew, I will probably die of heart attack soon.

  2. KIDS INFLUENCES are stronger than anything else, this is what i strongly agree.

    One do, all follow.

    Especially at this age, 3-4, they can be damn irritating if never teach properly de. They will be rude!

    I remember seeing this somewhere when i was still pregnant, "Not everyone can tolerate your child like how you did".

    I'm actually very worried that Rui En will becomes lidat. That's why i'm always very strict on her.

  3. Yup, I asked my sis why other kids not like my nephew because they're really polite and wont anyhow scream. What I have told her are based on facts and my sis gave me the DUNO face.

    I told her to put her boy to enrichment classes. At least, he will learn something useful in school.

    I have little patience one. That time, he pissed me off and i smacked his hand telling him cannot do this. Then he spat on me and want to beat me then i smacked him again and #@%! him and he cried. No choice la, he is super spoilt now.

  4. I've to agree with this, "Not everyone can tolerate your child like how you did".

    Bless the mothers.

  5. I like kids but duno how to teach kids.

    my mum & aunties recently ask me dont i want to married earlier , so to give birth earlier.. -.-" i think i gonna face this qns again during CNY!

    wo de tian uh!!


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