Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hormones Disorders

I think i'm facing it now! Cos there's outbreak of lil' pimples on my face & I CAN'T SQUEEZE ANYTHING OUT AT ALL! Si bei irritating lor!

Becos of this (hormones disorder), i'm so hot & short-tempered lately, especially towards ZY & Raeann. :(

I don't know why, i just don't wish to see or talk to ZY. I just feel super pekchek towards him. As for Raeann, she keep on doing things to make me angry & is super duper sticky & yang-o with me, I CANNOT TAKE IT! And thus, i keep losing my temper even though i tried very hard not to. FML

Was chatting with SS on Whatsapp few days ago, she was telling me about "中年发福". I think it's true leh! When you hit late twenties, it's very very very difficult to slim down liao, and you will get fat for no reason. Sigh!

Oh, it doesn't concern me actually cos i'm only 18 mah! =D

Just got my new noted changed... Didn't know there's limit per pax for changing new notes now! Luckily the bank that we went, changed $5000 of $10 at one shot for us instead of the limit $500 per pax. =.=

Seriously, $500 enough meh? It's not even enough for me lor (me and ZY gave a total of $3+K angbaos last year leh, cos we gave seperately). Not to mention that i'm helping so many people to change too!

But this year, ZY only gave me $1K to 包 and the rest, i've to top it up myself! :( FML! I shouldn't have work leh. If i never work, he CANNOT ask me to pay for anything at all. Sigh

My only resolution for 2011 - I WANT TO BE A TAI TAI! I DON'T WANNA WORK ANYMORE!

Heng ah, another thing settled. I'm really SO BUSY lah. I hope my husband can understand and STOP giving me more (extra) stuffs to do. He's SO FREE, he should do it himself instead of opening his mouth to 'order' me to do for him, right?


  1. gal, u noe y zy always ask u do stuff?
    cuz guys r not dumb, they noe tt we gals love them, so they tend to take advantage & ask us to do..

    To them they noe that 'ai them' so no matter what stil help them.

  2. Hmm, i don't love him lah, i only love my girl. He took this for granted.

    He knew no matter what, i'll still sacrifies for my girl.

  3. I know what you need now.



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