Friday, January 14, 2011

Limited Edition Care Bears FEVO Card


I just bought this!



Isn't this cute to the max? :)


7 utterly cute designs made you spoilt for choice. Bundled with a 4" Care Bears plush toy too!


FEVO is a MasterCard branded payment card that allows the cardholder to make purchases and payments anywhere MasterCard is accepted, just like one would with a credit or debit card. FEVO can be used internationally, wherever MasterCard is accepted, including phone and Internet transactions.


Paying with your FEVO Prepaid MasterCard has never been more REWARDING!! For the year of 2011, enjoy 0.3% rebate off your bill when you make payment via the MasterCard purse in your FEVO card.

FEVO also now comes with an ez-link transit function, which means you can use your card to get around on local public transport and make payments at EZ-Link merchants island-wide.

Shop, dine, and get around town… all with the same card!

THIS CARD IS DAMN INTERESTING CAN! I didn't know there is such card around till today!

Things to note : After buying, you will need to ACTIVATE YOUR CARD here! You can also REGISTER YOUR CARD there so that you can top up your FEVO card online and protects you against card theft. I don't know how it works lah cos i haven top up & try yet.

I also don't know will i ever use it anot as i bought it only becos it's damn cute!

So cute, so cute! I feel like getting all the 7 designs leh! LOL


  1. I also bought 2 last week!
    Like you, I bu she de use lor~~
    I got the pink & purple one! :)

    Little Pea

  2. HANOR! It's so cute right!

    I also can't decide for pink or purple bear intially and i don't know why i choose the purple one eventually. LOL

    Now i feel like buying all the colors! My bro asked me to help him buy the pink one for his wife!

    But then is so boring to go queue up again!

  3. hahaha~~
    @ least ur side still got..
    my side (tampines) sold out liao!
    sian! :(
    wanted the red one too but..... haiz...

    Little Pea

  4. If i got go, i can help u buy (then mail it to u), u wan??

  5. hihi joanne,

    thanks for the offer, but its ok la.. :)

    little pea

  6. where did u buy the care bears FEVO Card? I'm interested to get the purple one. :)

  7. Hi Victoria,

    It's available at all Singapore Post! ^^

  8. Hi! I'm desperate for one! Could you help me get it please? ^^


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