Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favorite Pen

I'm writing my vouchers now and that gave me an inspiration to blog about this! HAHA

May i ask...

What is your favorite type of pen????

Cos to me, pen is very important as i'm using it every working days. And my handwriting depends alot on the pen. If i don't like the pen, my handwriting will be sucks, i don't know why.

#1) I need to use a ink pen instead of a ball point pen. If i use ball point pen, my handwriting will be like shit! As in, very difficult to read.

#2) The ink pen cannot be more than 0.5. If too thick, my handwriting will be very fat! LOL

So, after searching, trying & testing for many years, I'VE FINALLY FOUND MY FAVOURITE PEN.

And it gotta be...


I tell you lor, this is the best pen i've ever use. Not too fine and not too thick, just nice. The grip is not too thin and not too fat, just nice too. I think i bought more than 10 of this (cos hor, people always 'kope' my pens) but i'm left with only one now. Shit lah, i need to go and buy more liao becos i'm going to start on the more than 10 books of vouchers soon. :(


  1. What vouchers u writing? 10books! omg.. Is this pen expensive?

  2. Payment vouchers lor! Nowadays no people use hand to write anymore lah, all computerize. But my mum wants to use old people method so I've to write lor!

    Oh this pen is not exp, about $2, can get it from any popular book store!


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