Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never contented!

I don't know what's wrong with those elderly people...

When you're 20+ but still not married, they will pressure you with, "when are you getting married?".

And when you're married, they will pressure you with, "when are you having a baby?".

And when you have a kid already, they will pressure you with, "when are you having second one?".

So and so forth.



Especially those aunties, they always compare us to them...

"Last time i gave birth to 4/5/6 also lidat"

Also know how to say is last time liao. Now is now what!

Now, everything's so expensive. From monthly checkup, to giving birth, to milk powder, to diapers, to educations, to enrichment classes, etc, ALL VERY EXPENSIVE LEH!

And also, kids are damn smart, cheeky & mischievious nowadays, which will make you vomit extra blood also. Think so easy to discipline them well meh? Think like last time, kids (like us) all 'gong gong' wan meh?

If got people help u, give birth to 10 also no problem. If no one helps, give birth to so many for what??? People who seldom see them love to play with them, think they're so cute. But the one who's looking after them SUFFER, nobody knows.

I still stick to my own stand, ONE IS ENOUGH!

Yes, i may be selfish for not giving my hb a BOY (So 老古董 mind! But anyway, he did not ask for a boy now liao. Cos he gets along really well with Raeann and he thinks that a girl will also be fine. HAHA) & Raeann a sibling. But when nobody helps me, WHO IS THE SELFISH ONE? I don't wish to die so early.

I think i'll face ALOT of this question this coming CNY... Is either i'll smile it off or i'll debate for myself!

This is one of the reason i don't like CNY anymore!


  1. Give birth to your own limit. No point going for quantity but no quality. And no point giving birth when it is stressed on yourself, your financial. So I support your idea! :)

  2. YA YA YA! I won't becos i want to fulfill others' wish, make others happy then i sacrifies myself again. It's STUPID!

  3. For you, it's so tough to have another one. Don't talk about money here but the main thing is you lack of people o help you. Not about you don't want to sacrifice, but handling 2 kids alone can make you crazy.
    I hope during cny, relatives don't start asking me when I want to have my first kid. And seriously, I am not looking forward to cny this yr. I only want that long rest from work and office bitches!

  4. Hanor! I ALSO THINK SO!

    Neither am i looking forward to this CNY, angbao 'da chu xue' ah!!! When you starting work? I starting work on chu 4 or 5 lor. SO FAST!

  5. ya lor, every thing so expensive but i'm still gonna have my no 4 lor. hai... all i wan is a girl nia... yet... still enjoy reading ur blog.. =)

  6. LOL! I salute you mummy! Now seldom got people want 4 kids!!! So now, your no. 4 issit girl girl?? ^^

    I like girls so much!!

  7. nice post. thanks.


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