Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please advise!

For those who balloted a flat from HDB, i need your advices.

Issit okay to ask pay HDB to do the flooring and doors for us?

P/S : Sad lah! My CPF is going to be deducted until 'kosong'. :(


  1. I only know they can replace existing ones that are damaged but i don't think they can lay the flooring for you if it comes without. They will probably tell you to engage those contractors that are approved by HDB to do it for you.

  2. their flooring r horrible..ugly too..

    not sure abt the doors too but I chose to do my own so that the design fits the rest of the house

  3. What is the option for the flooring? Living rm and bedrooms same tiles? Some bedrooms are parquet, I prefer that..

    Hdb doors are good quality wood and they are fire resistance. Worth the price!

  4. which area u ballot for? is it build to order? the hdb website has the info for the floor & door, need to top up additional amount. i can help u check and send u the link.

  5. Ling, cos there's an option for us to choose if we want it or not. Pay them lor...

  6. Sweetpotato83 & charismama,

    Hi there, thanks for your advices but can i opt for door and don't want the flooring???

    Actually, we have already paid to HDB and agreed for them to do. Then now, ZY wanted to cancel and ask me to do this do that, very irritating lor.

  7. Huishan,

    I balloted for Senja Parc View. =D

  8. Mine is a premium BTO so flooring canot choose already included. I only can choose to want door or not. I opt for it. Anyway use CPF to pay ma no harm. And if dont like the door just remove it anytime.

    BUT for flooring you must really make a decision , because no hacking for 1st 5yrs. meaning if you got ur keys already & realise u dont like the flooring you cant change. Quite many pple opt in for the flooring , unless those pple who want marble or better quality flooring, they will opt out. Quality of HDB Flooring is so so & acceptable if you dont wish to spend a bomb on renovation , you can opt in lor coz Flooring quite expensive in reno. Or you want super chio reno design & flooring to match, den shall opt out & source own flooring infuture.

    Did you went to see the floorings & door @ HDB Hub? Take a look and decide again bah. or look at the pics in my blog i took , i think shld be the same nv change one..

  9. tot they have a few options to choose:
    1) opt for both flooring and door,
    2) opt for flooring, without door
    3) opt for door, without flooring,

    Mine have something like this.

    you cannot do hacking, but if you really dun like the flooring hdb provided, you can always overlay the tile or flooring you want.

  10. Thanks all, will look into this later! So many things to do!!!!!!!! :(

  11. Oh, didn't know they come with options. If you are fine with the design an price is ok, just let them do it. Only worry is sometimes they have ugly tiles.


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