Friday, January 21, 2011

So busy!

Gonna start packing & throwing again... Wardrobe is coming later, sooner than expected. Also good lah, cos i can settle this thing once and for all.

After packing, I need to rush to office to do up some documents, gonna select my flat this Sunday! I hope all the units are taken up and ZY will give up on it cos I really don't like the location lah! It's so far from Raeann's school!

But he said, if there's an unit above 5th storey, he will take! :( PRAY THERE ISN'T ANYMORE LEFT! I really wonder why my butt so itchy, go & ballot in the first place. TMD!

Sometimes, I really think that god is playing tricks on us. When we wanted it so much, they refused to give. But when we don't want it, it will come. Why lidat? Sigh

Alright, gonna get busy now. Till then. :)


  1. actually you got car, its not very far. quite accessible for car users. this month Bukit batok i think location shld be better den senjar =x

    i shall pray for u for jurong bto ! hope hdb grant your wish. then when u ballot u must think u dont want it, so it will given u? *tsk* good luck!

  2. LOL! Ya lor ya lor, next time i will think this way.

    Ya i know got car is consider not far but i don't want to be Raeann's slave lah. In this way, she will never learn to be independent.


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