Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The start of her PCF aka PAP life...

Good morning!

I believe all the mummies are very busy now, preparing for their lil' ones to school. All my friends' kids has started school! :)

P/S : I wonder how's Ashlyn's first day of school?!

P/P/S : I just called XS and she said Ashlyn's doing fine! SMART GIRL! I can't wait to see her again! :)

Mine, started her nursery at PCF aka PAP yesterday! Well, to me, going to school is a MUST, is what everyone should and is doing. Even though sometimes, Raeann's cranky and refused to go school, i'll still harshly put her inside. Cos i know, even if i 纵容 her now, she will still do it when she goes to K1, K2 or Primary school. So i must make it a habit for her now. Becos EVERY kids are damn smart nowadays. They learn very fast! So let them attend school and learn the proper things!


This PCF aka PAP she's attending is my EX PAP school. How time flies... Going back to the same ol' familiar place but with a different status. HAHAHA



So attentive! LOL

She seems to like this school cos she told me she wants to go school & "这里有很多东西玩 hor". But becos yesterday is the orientation day and it's only one hour so i still don't know if she's able to adapt or not yet! TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm going to pick her to school later!

I told her that she cannot fight in school and she asked me, "what if people beat, bite and push me leh? can i fight back?" SHIT MAN, this question really hang me in the air, with lots of question marks! I don't know how to answer. It's like a YES and NO answer. I can't possible let her get bullied by others right? Neither would i want her to hurt others. HOW AH???


Last time where got so many things for us to play???


And the school prepared different kind of food for them everyday! SO NICE! I asked Raeann, "我可以跟你一起去学校读书吗?" She said, "不可以, 是给小孩子读的". LOL

Overall, i'm quite happy with this school but it's abit too far from my aunt's place lah. There's bus back home but no bus there and they must walk! Her lesson is at 1pm and the sun will be scorching hot! My aunt's health condition's really not that good, she's unable to walk too far or too long. So, who will do the job? Me lor! Who else? The father INSISTED to let her attend this school yet he doesn't want to help. I've to scacrifies my lunch time to go and pick and send her to school. He asked me to pay for all Raeann's stuff then he will scacrifies a little of his sleep to send her to school. =.=

Sometimes, i really want to FHL! He's the one who INSISTED to let her attend this school when i've already pointed out all these cons to him and now, he's pushing EVERYTHING to me again. I've thought of a solution. I'll pay for Raeann's sch fees but he will need to send her to school. Idea hor!

Edited : 1:40pm



Alright, i think i should have more confident in this girl! I thought she will cry... But she did not!!! She even told me that i can't go in with her today becos her teacher said so yesterday. She asked me to go back to work and she will go school and learn how to write, then she will write and let me see and i've to say that she's a clever girl. She gave me a peck on my cheek, let her teacher check on her and went in by herself. My heart melted 100% by all her words & actions. I WANT TO CRY LAH! :(


  1. I rem your aunt stays near ur jurong house. This PAP is at blk 53something, opposite to the community center area? Then it's really far and you need to rush here and there! 辛苦你了!

  2. Raeann very good at talking hor? Next time we bring both our girls out n let them talk cos Kaylene also very good st talking! Can argue with me. & she must win!!
    Sometimes buay tahan these men aka daddies!
    Why must push almost everything to us mothers?!
    Now i no eyes to see n heart to feel. He want he help, he dont want i do myself. But i very grateful cos my kids love me as i'm the one they see almost 24/7, see until sian haha!!!!

    I remem got 1 semester, i bring kaylene to sch myself as she doesnt wanto take the sch bus!
    Buay tahan cos its damn scorching hot at 12noon, n we have to cross the overhead twice + take bus + 10 mins walking distance, & must walk up the slope!! Most jialat she didnt want to walk. So i got to carry.... Ppl got car dont wanto help, i no car got to do everyday :(
    & i still got scolded by these ppl, say let her tk the sch bus la. Just dump her in the bus. wtf
    Heng he got the maid to help me carry but still, very tiring.
    & also, i managed to persuade Kaylene to tk the sch bus by next semester..
    So its all good now :)

    Really xinku u lor!! Must drive here & there!

  3. Yes Ling, the one NEAR to our primary sch! Tedious to walk under the hot sun sia! I wonder how we did it last time!

  4. Glad that it's all well for u Maggie! I guessed when the kids grow up, they will know who are the ones doing the most!

    Seriously, i hate the fact that i can drive. If i can't, my hb will have no excuses liao. Sigh!

  5. Wah. I didn't know the PAP is still there. I used to walk from home to that PAP! Haha!

  6. Ya, surprisingly, it's still there! But it's known as PCF now. LOL

  7. Haha. Most impt is raeann like the school!

  8. Hi babe, where can i get cathycat blusher fr hk? Their sasa have? thanx

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    I got it from their YATA shopping mall. Ain't sure if their SASA has it or not. :)

  10. Oh where is yata shopping mall? The store is Cathy cat?

  11. rui en 长大了~!

    I think it's touching and the joyness for a mother to see how a child progress in different stages.

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    YATA is a shopping mall like our Takashimaya. It has a level that sell all the cosmetics. I forgot the counter name though but u can see CathyCat pdts display there de! :)

  13. Hanor hanor Sonia, i really feel very gan dong. From baby till now, i'm glad i seen thru every steps of her. ^^


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