Monday, January 24, 2011

Too much changes lately...

P/S : Photobucket is finally up again... Aiyo!

Okay, i'm back to the office with Raeann beside me now! Sigh, i'm so tired leh, got so many things to do, going crazy soon. I haven buy shoes for Raeann yet! My mum said she has so many shoes (about 20 pairs? or more?) already and there's no need to buy anymore. But i insisted to buy lah cos new year mah, everything must be new. That's what my parents gave it to me when i was young, so it's kinda a habit for me to do so liao, even for myself! =X Hanna hanna, that's just an excuse to justify myself, i'm just a shoes freak, that's all.


Her new wardrobe, it's NOT enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wah lau, i knew that she has alot of clothes but i didn't realise she has THAT MUCH lor! I've already cleared one big bag away liao leh! Aiyoyo!

But anyway, will get her a bigger one in 2015 (or earlier) cos...



I don't know it's consider heng or sway leh? Our queue number is 409 and it exceeded the quota for chinese ethnic by 100+ but there's this one LAST unit on the 10th storey for us (There are still units available on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th storeys lah, all units above 6th storey are fully taken). ZY's so happy lor whereas me, don't feel anything at all. I don't know why, am not happy or excited about having my own house leh! I want to stay with my mummy lah! :(

YA, i know, this is just part and parcel of life, i need to have my own house sooner or later de! Think of the brighter side then, ALL my best friends are staying at that area & we gonna be neighbour in 2015! I already told XS that i'll eng eng walk to her house & play mahjong wan. HAHA

So much things are/will be happening in 2011... Kinda stress cos i'm not prepared for it at all! :(


  1. such a sweety wardrobe~

  2. Yes, the wardrobe is really sweet.

    Now still young so many clothes, I can't imagine when she grows up lor.
    Must be the mother always buy buy buy :x lol!

    I also stay at BP too... Pls ask me to join you all for mj session in the future... !

  3. Okay, no problem. In future, i'll pester u for mahjong. LOL

  4. Sera and Sonia,

    Ya, able to choose the colors myself. Raeann wants Green, OMG. I don't want it.


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