Friday, January 14, 2011

WOW, they're so 'chio'!

Remember this post???

Guess what? I saw the 2 'chio bu/s' at JP last night!

I was at Famous Amos cos Raeann was showing me the huge cookie that looks like a cake and asking me to buy it for her. ZY went to toilet. I was all the while looking at those cookies until i turned my head over & i saw these 2 'chio bu/s' at Singpost.

From far, i recognised them cos THEY'RE SO OUTSTANDING lor. Errr, i mean, their size!

First thing that came to my mind was, "wah lau eh, they're like 2x - 3x my size & they look lidat yet they got the cheek to criticise me? Don't they have any mirror at home?".


After seeing them, i feel that I'M SO SLIM sia.

Seriously, they're those you won't bother to take a 2nd look at them type of people.

And it's NOT as if they don't put on any makeup, their makeup are damn thick too! It's just that NO MATTER how they makeup, they still look the same; ugly, that's all. Makeup does wonders, but it doesn't works on them. Or maybe without makeup, they totally look like ....? (Guess the word! Haha)

I think it's fate that i get to see them, and know exactly how they look like. It's to BOOST UP MY SELF-ESTEEM lah! Cos my vulnerable heart got hurt badly by their criticisms & i was very upset about it. So ya... god is very kind to me!

Well, of cos they may still think THEY'RE GOD DAMN GORGEOUS lah, i'm just speaking MY very frank opinion here. Please pardon my straight-forwardness! :))))))


  1. They know who u are & say u ? Or they just randomly pick on u? This kind of pple must be BCAC ... buay chio act chio and comment on pple. -.-".. even if really a person is so ugly, we also wun be commenting infront of her .. =x

  2. They are being "sent" by someone here to speak up for her.

    But they've got nothing to reason out with me, so they resort to criticising me and dragging my family in as well.


  3. And oh ya, they don't know me, i don't know them too!


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