Monday, January 31, 2011

Wrong timing...

This infinity rain is SCARY, been raining for 3 days & nights non stop. As a result, i caught the flu bug, so terrible. And i wasn't allow to take any medicine... Sigh! How to recover lidat? HAHA, i should blame myself cos i don't want to see a doc. I stingy, i niao. LOL

Becos i never strike 4D! My new house's unit number came out last night! I never strike but ZY struck. He struck 2 numbers lor but i've got no share of it at all! TMD. Why i never buy ah? It's only last Sunday we chosen the flat, i should buy de mah!

No lah, i'm just talking nonsense cos i think i'll see a doc later, BTH liao man. The running nose & fever are really killing me... Sigh

Last night, me and Raeann and Bobo squeezed together on one bed! LOL! Becos i went to Bo's room and has no strength to go back to my own room. So, Bo helped me to make milk for Raeann and brought her barangs up as well. Now ah, everyone offered their help to me unconditionally, I FEEL SO BLESSED!

But sigh, i'm so sick now till i've got no mood for anything. I've got a review but i haven start anything on it yet. Oh body, please recover fast so i've got the energy to do my things!

P/S : My iPhone cable 'tio kope', i can't upload any pics now and my camera is at home. :(


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