Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's for lunch?

First of all, i would like to congrat K&A on the arrival of their new bundle of joy this morning! Welcome Prince Jayven to this world! =D

Just went to take medicine again this morning...


This pill is safe for pregnant ladies, it helps to prevent vomitting & giddyness. When you're pregnant, it's better to only take medicines prescribed by the doctor. For myself, i dare not anyhow take medicine (even panadols) cos i'm afraid it will harm the foetus. I asked the doctor & nurse many times and they assured me that this medicine is for morning sickness. However, i hope the morning sickness will go away soon as i don't wish to 'rely' on this medicine lah!

Sidetrack : Pity Raeann when i see her talking to birds, bubble or herself, all becos i've no time for her. Bo said it's normal, is that so? Or cos she's too lonely? 

No vomit + humongous appetite now = DIE LIAO! I don't know how many KGs will i put on in total! *worried*


Just had my 2nd dosage of breakfast & i'm thinking what's for lunch now? HAHAHA

*Just stocked up lotsa tidbits in office too, weet whee!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working Hours

I think i should change my working hours liao cos i've been coming to office only after 10am!!!!!!!! My bosses whom are my parents did not scold me about this becos i didn't mean it, i'm really very tired despite sleeping at 10pm every night! The medicine is really damn powerful, makes me so 'seh' everyday.

Raeann has this habit of talking to me every night about her school, friends & everything before we both fall asleep. But i'm so drowsy till i don't remember what did she talk to me about for the past few weeks. I just replied her rubbish and when i wake up the next day, i don't remember anything at all. Poor Raeann! Mummy really wish to spend ample time with you, but my body don't allow! I'll make it up to you when i feel better... Lil sweetie, we love you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Siew Lee's 21st

Attended Siew Lee's 21st Birthday party at Downtown East last Saturday. In case you all are wondering, Siew Lee is my cousin's gf. LOL

She dotes on Raeann alot de, so it's like no matter how 辛苦 i am, i need to drag myself out of the house to bring Raeann there!

I'm not kidding when i mentioned that I HAVE NO MOOD TO GO OUT AT ALL NOW & all i want to do is to sleep & laze at home! In the past, i'm always the one dragging ZY out. Now, ZY is the one dragging me out, he asked me, "why u always cope yourself at home?'.

Why? Hormones changing, am turning into another person liao. FML

Raeann enjoyed herself that day, as though it's her birthday! It's like no matter whose birthday, she always enjoyed herself like it's her own birthday! She loves to sing birthday song, she loves cake & she loves cake with lotsa cream!!! Kids.


This durian cake from Emicakes taste F.A.N.T.A.B.U.L.O.U.S ah!



But she took the 'heart' filled with cream instead of durian! I hate cream ttm but i had to try my best to finish it up for her! No choice what, mother is just like a rubbish chute, finishing up what her kids can't finish. Sigh! But then again, i won't force myself to eat if i'm really very full already, cos i vomit very easily, since young. Raeann got my this gene! LOL


My hip, arms and thighs have expanded! :(



She just wants to imitate how her Bobo yiyi posed! LOL! Any similarity?

I named this college 'Sameface', HAHA



See this fat ostrich! ZY asked her to change the TV channel and she did this lor!

I don't know why the hell i did not bring 'dua leng kong' there that day??? Must be still dreaming!

It's a small world afterall!

Friday evening hor, ZY brought us to a temple dinner at Boon Lay. I didn't ask him whose going cos i don't have this habit & i also don't know most of his friends lah, so, there's no point asking!

Reached there, saw one very familiar face! A guy, whom i gotta know during my clubbing days! We did exchanged contacts during that time cos i needed his help to reserve table, extend liquor dateline & etc.

But he pretended not to know me? HAHAHA Or he really don't recognise me anymore? LOL

In fact, i knew he was ZY's friend when i saw him on ZY's fb's list few months ago and i did come clean to ZY that i knew this guy through clubbings and everything lor! I'm very honest de lor! There's nothing at all to hide what, i also never do anything wrong!

That's the best part lah! I told ZY before that i knew him but he doesn't seems to know me at all? LOL

We were sitting at the same table, like next to each other only! TMD. I don't know how to describe that kind of embarrassment but i was really very very paiseh! FML lor!

But anyway, i left early, drove ZY's car back home first cos Raeann complained noisy & she wanna go home, asked ZY to take a bus home himself after that! HAHAHA

She's really like a 管家婆! She knew that it's very late already cos we reached home for quite some time and ZY's still not back yet, she said, "为什么 papa 这么晚了还不要回来? 他知道现在几点了吗? 我要骂他了!".

Really BTH her lor! I, myself did not control ZY at all de! She's doing the job for me! And the most ironic thing is, ZY will listen to her but not me!

Continue later... Lunch with mummy now! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting emo...

Last night, out of sudden, Raeann told me, "如果 baby 生出来了,你不要我,我就走开咯" in an ultra sad tone.

I told her, "how can that be possible? you're my darling, how would i possibly don't want you?"

Then she asked, "papa leh?"

I think, she's really worried that we will abandon her once her sibling's out. She's worried that she might not get the full attention from people around anymore.

How can i assure her that such things won't happen? I felt really sad when i heard this from her, she's only 3 yrs+! :(

It might be due to the frequent scoldings from me lately. I can't help it, she really got on my nerves. I can't turn blind to everything she do or say, can i? I don't wish to see her rot within these 10 mths too. What should i do?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I don't understand why?

Why nobody understand me at all? WHY?

People are insisting their own ways & i'm being forced to... oblige! It's FMFL TTM seriously.

ZY planned for a cruise trip next month, Superstar Virgo i think. This time round, it's even more 夸张!!! With his entire family and his aunties, uncles, their families & etc.

Didn't i make myself very very very clear during the last HK trip that I WON'T BE GOING TO SUCH 'HOLIDAYS' ANYMORE? Why force me to go again?

And it's like I HAVE NO SAY IN ANYTHING. He had the last and final say that i must go means i must go cos he has already make the decision for me! =.=

I told him that he can bring Raeann along if he wants to but, JUST COUNT ME OUT LAH! Why always get me involved? Especially now, my mood swing is so terrible! Plus my vomitting spell is working very hard on me, if i go, will i be able to enjoy? And most importantly, I DON'T FIND CRUISE FUN AT ALL!

Now, i simply got no mood to go out at all. Everyday i only feel like staying at home & sleep cos i feel really very lethargic!

Seriously, WHEN WILL I HAVE A SAY IN MY OWN LIFE? I'm really so so so so so so fed up with myself that i cannot decide my own life, people will always make the decision for me. And if i don't oblige, the whole world will be mad at me, as if i did some grave mistakes!

I'm super irritated TO THE MAX! Can i just disappear so that i don't have to follow people's instructions anymore?



It was SS's birthday & we decided on an impromptu dinner at the very last minute when i called to wish her 'happy birthday'. I asked her to ask XS along! So it was supposed to be only 3 of us + irritating Raeann (they insisted me to bring her along but i guess they regretted! LOL)!

But actually, i was supposed to meet ZY for dinner de. When he called me, i told him i'm meeting the girls for dinner and asked if he wanna come along, cos he can take care of Raeann while i get to talk with the girls mah. He said, "if hamster go, i go lor". And yes, everybody went! It became a 8 persons dinner affair instead (with XS's maid). LOL


I think she looks 99.9% like XS in this pic lor!


Cutie Ash, her hair very stylo!


This girl is so so so so so SUPER irritating! She doesn't want to eat Ichiban and insisted going to Cafe Cartel. ZY had a hard time coaxing her, she was there fussing, whining & throwing temptrum. SS wanna give her a slap already, me too! She said she never seen a person so irritating before! I think so too! Super frustrated! I really got no mood to discipline her anymore! She don't listen to my instructions nowadays. When i say NO, she will purposely do and show me, like trying to test my patience like that! WHY WHY WHY, WHY LIDAT! Sigh



The whole meal costed ZY about $200! LOL! Yes, he treated everybody! ^^


Very plain me!

XS & me were damn nua last night, that's why no pic of her! LOL

And last but not least, HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY, Ms SS! =D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Derrick 何維健 - 當我知道你們相愛

I like this song leh! ^^ Raeann loves it too lor! She can sing the chorus now! HAHA


Photobucket dinner with Bo & Raeann

But i vomitted everything out after i reached home! WHAT A WASTE! The pill can prevent me from vomitting but it will make me very fucking drowsy and that's why, i didn't consume it last night!

Raeann too, vomitted everything out cos she got choked from crying. She keep asking me to carry her everywhere (she don't do that to me in the past), even at home, which i'm unable to cos she's not light lor! And now, if i refuse to do anything, she will fuss and whine, WHICH I EXTREMELY HATE IT!

She cried till vomit lor, i caned her twice on her fat thigh after that! I really 忍无可忍 liao!

Many people told me not to cane or scold her so often now becos it's NORMAL that she behaves lidat! I tried, but it doesn't work out talking to her nicely. I really cannot take it cos she wasn't lidat in the past! Now ah, she's really extremely naughty & irritating lor!

Sometimes i'm thinking, issit worth it anot? Becos i'm pregnant now, she has been trying real hard to do crazy things to attract my attention. And i don't deny spending lesser time with her now due to all those stupid vomitting, i simply got no mood to entertain her at all. Not only her, i totally got no mood to work or do anything at all! I made alot of mistakes at work! SIGH

At times when i feel helpless, i feel like giving it up so much! I even habour alot of bitchy & selfish thoughts which is not right to do so at all! I think it's just me. I'm one selfish bitch. I can't accept the fact of being pregnant again. I can't give up what i have now. I don't wish to sacrifice myself for another time.

But i can't deny those facts either, that everyone around me are trying their best to help me and ZY has been really nice to me, helping out whenever he can, giving in to me, bringing me everywhere to satisfy my cravings, buying whatever i desire if he can afford.

And all they asked for is, for me to take good care of myself so that baby will be safe & healthy.

Such a simple task and i can't do it! TSK!

I guess i need to slap myself awake! "Wake up Joanne, WAKE UP!"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


Can someone tell me, is there still any significant meaning behind today when you're married??? Cos hor, my husband said, "we're not 情人 anymore, we're 老夫老妻 already so there's no need to celebrate 情人节". And seriously, i don't see the need to celebrate too. Issit just us? Or applied to all married couples?

And you know, ZY is one of the world's least romantic man, he doesn't give me any surprises and he is not those 自动 type of person. MOST OF THE TIME, i need to 'remind' him to buy me something...



Although i hope he can be more 自动 cos sometimes, women just doesn't like to open their 'golden mouth' and ask for something, but what to do? He's lidat and i've to accept it. So now, i've learnt to ASK, ASK & ASK already!

That day when i went to buy my bag at Prada, i told him i liked a clutch so much. And well well, HE'S GETTING IT FOR ME!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA



My new love!

You know, i could have saved about more than $700 if i waited for someone to get it from UK for me! But then, i don't have the patience to wait anymore + i don't really like to trouble others. Thus, might as well lah! :) But i'm 2K poorer now! :( How i wish ZY can sponsor me this bag lor! 

But i think, the stuffs you bought with your own money, you tend to cherish it more, right? I haven take out all the wrappers yet lor! First time leh, i buy a bag but so unwilling to use it! LOL

Edited : 5:01pm

The person, whom i claimed to be one of the world's least romantic man popped me a surprise just now!!!


I was surprised becos i thought we will be going on this coming weekend to purchase it, together. I didn't expect that he will deliberately make the trip down to get it for me, alone!


He kept asking me if this is the correct model? Seriously, i'm not sure myself, cos i only took a glance of that clutch last Saturday! He said there's another one with a ribbon in front & i can change it if i don't like this. Tell me, base on your imagination, which is nicer?



Thank you, Mr Ho! ^^

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just craps!

My two bros and mum satisfied my craving by accompanying me to Jurong East for wanton mee! LOL! Even though my favourite stall is not open yet, there's another superb stall (which i think is better cos longer queue) there!


I wonder if this is the stall that Jaerio's mummy was telling me.


Look at the queue! SO LONG!

My mum don't allow me to queue and asked my bro to do the job! I went over only when he was 2nd in queue. LOL! My family loves me lah!

Bobo has been telling me that she wants to look after this baby for me! 听这先 lor! Last time she also said wanna look after Raeann for me de leh! Then who knows... THEY ALWAYS QUARREL! =.=


This noodle is super Q! Very cheap, don't know $2 or $2.50 only. I paid $13.50 for 4 plates of wanton mee, 1 plate of duck rice & a wanton soup. CHEAP RIGHT! Portion quite big, 吃的包 lor! I'm super full now! :)))

Did i mention before that i love hawker food? Cos they are cheap and usually nice de! Of cos, it will be better if there's aircon! =X

Since i'm so full now, i've some craps to show u all! HAHAHA


Raeann's fb wall. LOL

Nowadays MAN very kpo hor?

I was being 'questioned' by a guy-whom-is-not-even-considered-my-friend just now. Seriously, i don't know what makes him think that i will explain to him? Well, i don't see the need to lor. (I told him this!)

I'm going to block him from MSN again! HAHAHAHA!

Sidetrack here. Anyone likes this candy?


I'm drowning myself with this in order to stop my smoking urge!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 steps to awesome skin - SANA Namerakahonpo

Sponsored Review

I feel so honoured to be selected as one of the 10 bloggers to review about SANA Namerakahonpo products. Only 10 leh! It's not easy to get selected among hundreds over bloggers lor! LOL! Thank you TSS & SANA.


There are three product lines for different results; Radiant, Moisturizing & Brightening.

Chosen the Moisturizing Line (Contained Soya Isoflavone which helps to regenerate back lost female estrogen due to aging) for myself becos i'm afraid of getting old mature, hope it will helps to slow down my aging process. =)

Isoflavone : A woman saviour that replace female estrogen. As we aged, production of estrogen is reduce by half from 20s to 40s. Isoflavone contained in soybean food is the ingredient that functions similarly to female hormones (estrogen), which helps production of collagen.






Removing all traces of impurities.


After washing, face will feel very clean but a little dry, do not worry about it cos that's what the other products are for!



Replenishing of skin's natural water content.


Hydrates skin without greasy feeling and helps skin feel smooth.



Moisturizes skin without greasy feeling. Skin feels smooth and moisturized.


Spread onto palm and apply to face with gently stroke. Starting from the dryer to oily area of your face.

Tips: Use more for dry skin type. Use lesser for oily skin type.



Beauty essence with double isoflavone rapidly and deeply absorbs into horny layer. Skin feels supple and firm. However, this step is optional.


But i personally think that this essence is GREAT! Must buy lor! :)



Helps seal in moisture with rich masking effect. Skin feels soft and moisturized.


Act as a shield layer to prevent water and oil content to escape through all condition including air-conditioning, winds, sunlight.

Tips: Use more for dry skin type. Use lesser for oily skin type.

Want to have awesome and flawless skin? Then you cannot be lazy. Just a few simple steps everyday and you can achieve it! :)


Take a look at all SANA Namerakahonpo products!

You may purchase them at any Watsons & Sasa outlets or!

Do u believe in 'jinx'?

There are so many things i wanna jot it down here but i'm so afraid of 'jinx'. You know what i mean? Whereby, you blog about all the good things and next moment, something bad will happen or the results suddenly become opposite.

For example, i proudly thought that i don't have any morning sickness and i was quite happy about it, boasting to my friends that this baby is good. But who knows the next day, my morning sickness came & it's worse than the first one. It was so bad till i need to see a doc to take pills to curb the vomitting, totally unbearable!

JINX! Tsk!

And thus, i decided to keep my mouth shut now! =X

Had a discussion with ZY yesterday... I asked him if this baby is another girl, will he force me to have a 3rd one again???

He said no, two is enough, he only wants Raeann to have a companion! =) Frankly speaking, i'm very pleased with his answer even though it might not be his 真心话? Cos everybody knows that he wanted a baby boy so much the last time. Or maybe Raeann changed his mindset completely?

Becos Raeann has exactly the same hobbies as her daddy; billiard, soccer, cars, poker, mahjong, games & pets. JITAO SAME! And that's why, they can click very well! ^^

Seriously, i prefer girl leh. I love to see lil' sisters dolling up, wearing the same kind of attire, it's so adorable! :)

Dear god,

Please allow me to be demanding for once. You gave me this baby when i've tried very hard to prevent it, so i assumed that this is fate. Since it's fated, PLEASE BLESS ME WITH A HEALTHY BABY + a smooth and safe pregnancy & delivery.

I will thank you a billion for that! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why my girl loves all the boy stuffs???

I bth the part where she said, "i think hor, New Castle 比较厉害 leh".



But i'm late for work... Nope, i did not overslept, just that i vomit until strength-less, 真的很痛苦! Been vomitting every morning these few days, FML! Why on earth must i suffer these all over again?! Urghhhhh! The thought of it made me feel like KILLING MYSELF, i'm serious.

I don't think there's a need to guess if it's a boy or girl cos i've got a feeling... that i'm gonna have another baby GIRL! Heeheeheeheehee! You know, when i was expecting Raeann, i kept saying, "I WANT A GIRL" and then, i got a girl. :)


Imagine 2 "Raeann"? It gonna be FUN! Haha


Just like my cousin, she got 2 sweet girls & i think they're so cute! My cousin's really ichiban lor, she has 3 kids now. Her last one is a 2 months old baby boy! And the BEST part is, she's only 24 or 25 this year, i can't remember! *salute*


We will definately do this on 2nd & 3rd day of CNY with my dad's relatives.


Before going my uncle's place on 初三.


I think i putted on 3kgs during these few days! :(



Making herself at home at Agnes's place on 初四.



Ashlyn went too! =D


Raeann sharing her sweets with Ashlyn, so glad that she will dote on Ashlyn. =)

I'm so tired now, i want to sleep. I'm super duper nua today and my face's jitao chui! FML