Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do u believe in 'jinx'?

There are so many things i wanna jot it down here but i'm so afraid of 'jinx'. You know what i mean? Whereby, you blog about all the good things and next moment, something bad will happen or the results suddenly become opposite.

For example, i proudly thought that i don't have any morning sickness and i was quite happy about it, boasting to my friends that this baby is good. But who knows the next day, my morning sickness came & it's worse than the first one. It was so bad till i need to see a doc to take pills to curb the vomitting, totally unbearable!

JINX! Tsk!

And thus, i decided to keep my mouth shut now! =X

Had a discussion with ZY yesterday... I asked him if this baby is another girl, will he force me to have a 3rd one again???

He said no, two is enough, he only wants Raeann to have a companion! =) Frankly speaking, i'm very pleased with his answer even though it might not be his 真心话? Cos everybody knows that he wanted a baby boy so much the last time. Or maybe Raeann changed his mindset completely?

Becos Raeann has exactly the same hobbies as her daddy; billiard, soccer, cars, poker, mahjong, games & pets. JITAO SAME! And that's why, they can click very well! ^^

Seriously, i prefer girl leh. I love to see lil' sisters dolling up, wearing the same kind of attire, it's so adorable! :)

Dear god,

Please allow me to be demanding for once. You gave me this baby when i've tried very hard to prevent it, so i assumed that this is fate. Since it's fated, PLEASE BLESS ME WITH A HEALTHY BABY + a smooth and safe pregnancy & delivery.

I will thank you a billion for that! :)


  1. Wow u r pregnant! Same here, having morning sickness as well... When is your EDD?

  2. Ooppss, I just read you had replied to a reader. On Oct 2nd right? Hehe. Mine should be september but should comes mid august since I am opting CSEC. Lets fight morning sickness together then! =)

  3. Morning sickness sucks hor???

    I think mine will come out earlier too, so might be a sept baby also. LOL

    But then again, SEPT IS STILL VERY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! FML pls!

  4. jia you!!! i been it through 3 times. lol. few more weeks, your MS will get better ya. :)

  5. Yeah, hopefully. Hate it when i have no strength to do anything. U very brave sia, 3 kids! Now i have this no.2, the fear is back again!

  6. Yeah... MS sucks... My MS this time round is worse than #1... =( Same as you, the baby came quite unexpected for me. I am working in ubi, sux even more when the food is so limited!

  7. hi,

    i thought you were on pills? you have to stop for half a year before planning for a baby. but i do hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy period (:

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    My canteen food also limited and sucks. But the worse is, i cannot even eat without taking the pill at all. Cos every single thing that goes into my mouth, i will vomit out! :(

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    Yeah, by right is 1 yr. This baby came unplanned. I wanna abort de, everybody don't allow. I also dunno how! Just pray for baby to be safe and sound lor.

  10. Hope the MS dun stay too long. My MS is getting better as I am hitting the 12th week soon. Last throw out was 2 days back but appetite still not well. Just weighed myself yesterday and I merely put on 1 kg at this time than the usual 3kgs during last pregnancy.

    Pls Pls Pls Pls dun ever have such thinkings unless you are single, divorcee or having financial difficulties.

    Mine came unexpected as well but I treat it as a gift from god and hope everything goes well. Dun worry la, there are still many out there like us going thru this period. =) We shall just encourage each other to pull through!


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