Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting emo...

Last night, out of sudden, Raeann told me, "如果 baby 生出来了,你不要我,我就走开咯" in an ultra sad tone.

I told her, "how can that be possible? you're my darling, how would i possibly don't want you?"

Then she asked, "papa leh?"

I think, she's really worried that we will abandon her once her sibling's out. She's worried that she might not get the full attention from people around anymore.

How can i assure her that such things won't happen? I felt really sad when i heard this from her, she's only 3 yrs+! :(

It might be due to the frequent scoldings from me lately. I can't help it, she really got on my nerves. I can't turn blind to everything she do or say, can i? I don't wish to see her rot within these 10 mths too. What should i do?


  1. try to get Raeann involved when you are buying stuffs for baby and probably sometime you can ask her for opinions and get her to choose stuffs for baby. In this way, she won't feel neglected so much.
    And one most important point to note is to remember to prepare one present for Raeann and tell her that the present is from baby and also get Raeann to choose a present for baby. so when baby arrives, do a gift exchange.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I heard about the gift exchange from couple of people already, will do so~!

    However, i haven started to buy anything for the baby yet? I think it's still long way to go lor. Plus, alot of things need not buy already as she/he can use Raeann's one mah~

    I guess why she will feel neglected is due to me spending lesser time with her now. I simply got no mood to go out, let alone bringing her out alone after work. My life's now is consist of vomitting & sleeping only. LOL


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