Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a small world afterall!

Friday evening hor, ZY brought us to a temple dinner at Boon Lay. I didn't ask him whose going cos i don't have this habit & i also don't know most of his friends lah, so, there's no point asking!

Reached there, saw one very familiar face! A guy, whom i gotta know during my clubbing days! We did exchanged contacts during that time cos i needed his help to reserve table, extend liquor dateline & etc.

But he pretended not to know me? HAHAHA Or he really don't recognise me anymore? LOL

In fact, i knew he was ZY's friend when i saw him on ZY's fb's list few months ago and i did come clean to ZY that i knew this guy through clubbings and everything lor! I'm very honest de lor! There's nothing at all to hide what, i also never do anything wrong!

That's the best part lah! I told ZY before that i knew him but he doesn't seems to know me at all? LOL

We were sitting at the same table, like next to each other only! TMD. I don't know how to describe that kind of embarrassment but i was really very very paiseh! FML lor!

But anyway, i left early, drove ZY's car back home first cos Raeann complained noisy & she wanna go home, asked ZY to take a bus home himself after that! HAHAHA

She's really like a 管家婆! She knew that it's very late already cos we reached home for quite some time and ZY's still not back yet, she said, "为什么 papa 这么晚了还不要回来? 他知道现在几点了吗? 我要骂他了!".

Really BTH her lor! I, myself did not control ZY at all de! She's doing the job for me! And the most ironic thing is, ZY will listen to her but not me!

Continue later... Lunch with mummy now! :)

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