Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's for lunch?

First of all, i would like to congrat K&A on the arrival of their new bundle of joy this morning! Welcome Prince Jayven to this world! =D

Just went to take medicine again this morning...


This pill is safe for pregnant ladies, it helps to prevent vomitting & giddyness. When you're pregnant, it's better to only take medicines prescribed by the doctor. For myself, i dare not anyhow take medicine (even panadols) cos i'm afraid it will harm the foetus. I asked the doctor & nurse many times and they assured me that this medicine is for morning sickness. However, i hope the morning sickness will go away soon as i don't wish to 'rely' on this medicine lah!

Sidetrack : Pity Raeann when i see her talking to birds, bubble or herself, all becos i've no time for her. Bo said it's normal, is that so? Or cos she's too lonely? 

No vomit + humongous appetite now = DIE LIAO! I don't know how many KGs will i put on in total! *worried*


Just had my 2nd dosage of breakfast & i'm thinking what's for lunch now? HAHAHA

*Just stocked up lotsa tidbits in office too, weet whee!


  1. I should say its common instead of normal la... i understand your feeling... tired and guilty for the elder one... like what your fren commented previously... keep her involved in whatever for her sibling... for me.. i even request Hilda to bring me for natal check ups. Whenever i shop for newborn stuff, i will explain to Hilda... why i need to buy for her sister and she used to have this in the past as well... they may be sad and talking to themselves... they want catch your attention... when the baby is out... u will hear them saying... i wanna meimei/didi faster grow up and play with me... Please dun ever think of giving up hor! Jia You!

  2. I remember my sis bought a lot of toys and stand by to give his first child when her 2nd baby came. Like to "bluff" the child that the 2nd baby brought a lot of toys and fun to him. Not sure this has balanced his mindset or not.

    Rui en thinks like a small adult, very lovely and supportive though a little naughty. Gambatte!

  3. Alice,

    I haven start buying anything yet, no mood to even go out. There are alot that i need to buy/wash. Sigh...

    I did think of giving up ALWAYS lor. But it's just a tot that i can never fulfill de lah. Later everybody angry with me again. Sigh

  4. Sonia,

    But i seldom buy toys for her de as her toys are already flooding the whole house now. VERY SCARY!

    I don't want to let her have the habit of going out = die also must buy something back home. Usually when i go out with her, she never ask me to buy anything de!


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