Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working Hours

I think i should change my working hours liao cos i've been coming to office only after 10am!!!!!!!! My bosses whom are my parents did not scold me about this becos i didn't mean it, i'm really very tired despite sleeping at 10pm every night! The medicine is really damn powerful, makes me so 'seh' everyday.

Raeann has this habit of talking to me every night about her school, friends & everything before we both fall asleep. But i'm so drowsy till i don't remember what did she talk to me about for the past few weeks. I just replied her rubbish and when i wake up the next day, i don't remember anything at all. Poor Raeann! Mummy really wish to spend ample time with you, but my body don't allow! I'll make it up to you when i feel better... Lil sweetie, we love you!

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