Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is NOT my day!

I shall deem today as the 'sway-est' day of my life 2011, seriously.

This morning, i merely had a glass of fresh milk for breakfast & thus, i was extremely hungry during lunch time.

I was asked to go Jurong Port around 11am. They told me it will be a fast trip, i'll be back most probably by 12.15pm. But hell NO! I waited there until 1+pm! I was already hungry ttm when everything's done.

On my way back, there's 2 lanes turning towards AYE. I was on the inner lane, while a big fuck trailer on the outer. I don't know issit becos my car too small & he can't see me or what? While turning, he cut into my lane and nearly crash me & my car into pieces. (Let me go draw it out for you all to see, gimme 2 hours!)


Pardon my ugly drawing & lousy scanner, hahaha!

 Y = cb trailer, X = me.

Tell me, am i in wrong?

Luckily, i managed to brake in time & there were no injuries or damages. And you know what? That cb uncle stopped his vehicle in the middle of 2 lanes and came down to kpkb at me! Like hello? U cut into my lane & took 2 lanes, it's your fucking fault & yet? U KPKB AT ME? What a joke!

I asked him to move as there were alot of cars behind and he was fucking jamming up the traffic. But, he continued to KPKB there! =.=

Uncle, by kpkb loudly doesn't mean you win ok? There are alot of witnesses to see you cut into my lane!

I didn't pursue the matter becos there were no injuries or damages & NOT BECOS i'm afraid of you, get it or not?

Then, before i came back to office, i went nearby to pack lunch for myself & my dad. At there, i fell down! And both my knee caps are bleeding now. Luckily, it's not very huge, slightly bigger than a 50c coin size on both sides only. It's PAIN, mind you. FML man.

Back to office, i was told that there's one document to be collected & i forgot? I don't know cos i don't remember about it at all. I need to go Jurong Port again later, before they close at 5.30pm.

Tell me lah, am i sway anot??? Urgh!

By posting this, i'm giving my haters a good chance to laugh at me. But i don't care, cos like i always say, i can't pretend. So, whatever lah!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The fear in me...

As i grow older, the thing i fear the MOST is to see my loved ones leaving me, especially my parents. I'm so afraid that it will happen someday (even though i know it will, eventually), i've been telling myself, "我不想长大".

My dad, known to be one very difficult person, one stubborn & fiery old man but he dotes on me alot. Even though sometimes i get unreasonable scoldings from him, till i'm so angry with him, but everyone said that, he dotes on me the most, i know it very well too.

He wasn't feeling well these 2 months... But he's so stubborn, refused to see any doc. Until something happened on Sunday, and he finally went. SIL brought him to Gleneagles to see his previous heart specialist for check up yesterday & today, i went with him to collect his report. It was only these 2 days then i realised, he has indeed aged alot. He slimmed down alot as well.

I'm worried.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Super fat now!

Wah, cannot stand my husband, all the way of the journey, he kept emphasising how handsome he was when he was younger! OMG. Then i laughed like mad when he said he started to "走样" at the age of, hmm... 20+. HAHAHA! Glad he knows that!

We chatted about our kids too. He said that i wasn't so tired & lazy when i had Raeann... So he think that this baby is extremely lazy, can sleep alot. We did some comparisons as well...

1) This baby is not interested in food, unlike Raeann. Cos i don't really have any special cravings yet! All i want to do is, sleep only.

2) This baby HATES durian!

3) I'm double nua & lazy this time round.

4) I put on weight double fast too! FML

You know, i actually ate more when i had Raeann, but i didn't put on weight that fast for the first 5 months. Even my aunt said that, i'm fatter this time round, i don't know why...

Went for monthly check-up today & i'm 53kgs at 14 weeks! I putted on a total of 5 kgs liao! I look so bloated now, like a balloon. WHY!? =(

P/S : Everything with regard to the baby is well. Strong heartbeat, right size & doc said, NO BUBBLE INSIDE THE BRAIN THIS TIME ROUND! =)

But even though i'm already so fat, everyone around me worry that i never eat, keep asking me to eat & eat, especially my husband. Everywhere he go, he will ask me if i wanna eat anything first!

Like last Friday, i went home to rest after going my aunt's house while he brought Raeann out to shopping alone!!! Then don't know why on earth he ended up at Chinatown and asked me if i want anything from there. I 随口 told him that i wanted KOI (cos i couldn't think of anything else to buy at Chinatown)! He said i'm mad cos the queue is very long. LOL! So i said, ok lor. Well, i don't have any craving for bubble tea, i just anyhow say i wanted it.

And guess what?

On the way home, he deliberately drove to Clementi to queue & pack for me! But he said is, 顺路 only! Heehee

This is the 'LOVE' i'm always seeking for... Not money, not gifts, not sweet talks, but actions! =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary


We were here last evening for dinner... And it costed me about $240.00! I'm not complaining as i used my 4D winning to pay for it & there's still some balance left! Hahaha! It's our first time there! =D

P/S : Then you know, ZY strucked toto on our anniversary date last evening too! And he said he's giving me a treat on Saturday! Can't wait, don't know what crusine he's bringing me to!


I chosen this place becos i wanted to eat something like fine dining (more class & romantic, haha). But ZY is one typical traditional man, he only eat & like those uncle (cheap & nice) food, he don't appreciates fine dining & sorts. He only likes what he choose & has tons of complains for what others choose (even when he's not the one paying). I expect he will complain, that's why i went ahead with the reservation without asking him. I only told him, "we are going to Goodwood Park Hotel there for dinner".

But, he did not complain at all. On the contrary, he said the food is quite nice, but not worth the price, which i agree too! I think this place is popular for it's sashimi & beef. We don't take them! So, we ordered all the cooked & normal food instead, like chicken, prawn, scallop, mushrooms, salmon & garlic rice. HAHAHA!



贵的地方就是不一样. After dinner, there's this machine beside the entrance whereby you press & there's some air coming out & it helps to remove the cooking smell from your apparel. Okay, maybe i'm orbit cos this is the first time i saw something lidat! Heehee

Nothing else matter, only them. I'm happy both of them enjoyed the food lah! =)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I pen-ed down my signature on a piece of paper & officially became Mrs Ho... OMG, time flies, 4 years already, how on earth did we manage? What we have now doesn't comes easy, we went through many many obstacles before we learnt how to cherish each other. NOT EASY AT ALL! I'm glad we survived through... And we're still together! =D

Happy 4 Years Anniversary, my fat husband!

Simply can't wait for the big feast tonight! I promised it will be my treat long time ago & god is damn kind to me lah, i struck 4D last night! ^^ Amount is more than enough for the feast tonight!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I think this is so funny!!!

Last Friday...

Raeann : Papa, 借我你的 Galaxy Tab leh, 我要玩.

ZY : 我没有带, 放在 CCK! (He lied cos he don't wanna lend her, scare she will use up the battery.)

Raeann went to search his bag... And she found it!

Raeann : 你讲你没有带, 我变魔术出来了!!!

ZY LL had to lend it to her...


Superstar Virgo (18th - 20th March 2011)

Hi all, i'm back from the 2 days 2 nights cruise yesterday! We were soooooooooooooooooooooo tired that we wasted 1 night on the cruise to sleep! FML lor, i really wanted to try that Japanese supper buffet leh! But we couldn't wake up! TOO TIRED!

P/S : Didn't have the mood to take much pics, so, yeah, will only post 1 entry about this trip!

We reached Habour Front quite early as we wanted to avoid the peak hours jam. ZY & Raeann were hungry so we sat down for some prata first. ZY kept asking me to eat more, eat more cos he said i've got baby now. But i'm already so fat lor, i need to control abit (don't eat when i'm not hungry) man. Maybe he don't think i look that fat yet? But all my clothes can't wear liao... :(

After eating, still early, we went to one shop that sells all Doraemon stuffs...


He bought these for his 2 darlings... But i'm trying to stop Raeann from using milk bottle now!!!


The tee for Raeann & the pyjamas for me (for my delivery/confinment).

Raeann is very sweet lah. She kept saying she wanna share all her toys with her meimei & wanna buy this buy that for her meimei. She seldom share her stuffs de lor! But i'm thinking, "what if it's a didi, how?" Damn headache! I really hope she will love & dote on her sibling...

You know, before going up, i told ZY to win more money cos i wanna buy new bras, all my bras too tight liao... (Suddenly, my boobs grow!) And yes yes yes, i can buy plenty of new bras! LOL


While waiting for the rest to arrive before check-in...


And this is our cabin!

For those who are interested to know, ZY used his RWS points to redeem this cabin for FOC. I think there's a promotion going on now, 40 points = 1 cabin. And 1 cabin is for 3+1 paxs. The 4 paxs only needs to pay the seaport tax of $74 per pax.


And if you're a silver card (or above) member, you have an additional rebate of $24, which means you only pay $50 for the seaport tax. Card & photo made & taken on the spot. FML man, i'm termed as a MDM now. And FML again, they input my name wrongly. I already have a super awful chinese name, they made it worse. TMD! Stupid ZY kept laughing at me!!!!!!!!!!!


Taking a stroll after dinner is shiok max!


Brought Raeann for the BINGO game! Too bad, we didn't win anything!

And... Raeann said...


This painist is her 偶像!!!


Super buay tahan her lah! 3 yrs old got 偶像 liao...


She enjoyed the most!

I'm gonna check out the price of Royal Carribean, cos i told ZY & Raeann that i'll treat them there! Please be cheap! =X

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doesn't she looks like a boy?


I realise, she cannot tie her hair into one pony tail. Becos from the front view, she looks totally like a BOY. Plus her attire is always so boyish, if without her hair, everyone (will) thought she is a boy. Sigh

That's why i wanted another girl, to inspire her to be more girly. But i've got a very strong feeling, that my wish isn't going to come true! Well, i've got no choice, but to accept. As long as baby is healthy... right?

Anyway, did you notice that one side of her cheek is swollen?


LOL! She posed and let me take this pic! Haha

That's becos she got bitten by don't know what shit again. TMD, stop attacking on my daughter lah! She asked me, "why mosquito loves to bite me?" KAOZ! Damn mosquitos/insects! FUCK U ALL! LOL

Oh, time passes so fast, tomorrow is the cruise day but... i haven pack anything yet! I don't know what to bring and what not to bring? My hb asked me to bring swim suit & swim with the kids. I'M NOT GOING TO DO SO even when he said he's going to buy me a new swim suit cos mine can't fit liao.

Yes, i know, some pregnant ladies are so proud of their tummy & they don't mind showing everyone. But NOT ME! I'm not at all proud of my enormous tummy & i don't wish to show anyone & make them puke. 我是有自知之明的, becos i've a mirror at home & in my office! Heehee


Please bear with me, cos i think i'll complain all the way throughout my pregnancy! Sigh

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some random stuffs!

Good morning all! I'm alone at Hillview office now! My parents brought Raeann to LTA liao! And the 2 aunties are on leave!

My dad's going to de-reg his car today cos it will be 10 yrs old in May! Decided not to renew even though the car is in very good condition cos COE is too high right now! I heard that my dad teared. Aiyo, I already predict that he will de lor! This car is like his precious, non of us driven out before & I think I sat it less than 10 times over these 10 years. He also seldom drive it de, maybe out of 10 years, 5 years parked at home. LOL!


Reason being is, all of us has a car & we are all working at the same place, won't it be crazy if we drive 4 cars to the same place to & fro everyday?

Anyway, given my dad's character, I bet he will buy a new car within these few months de lah! Bring me to test drive pls!

So boring lor, nothing to do at all here, no net for me to surf also! Cos all the staffs here are aunties, they don't know how to surf net de!

Becos I'm so bored, I decided to count Raeann's angbao money & bank it later! LOL! Yea, I'm that lazy now! After months then I decided to do it! =P

Kaoz, it's sucha bitch to blog with phone, be back later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quit? Or quit quitting?

Quite ashamed to admit, today's officially the 2nd day i quitted smoking! I had always wanted to do so but shame on myself, i don't have enough determination. I cutted down from 10+ sticks a day to 5 sticks to 3 sticks and now, 0. I hope this will continue & i can eventually stop smoking for the next few months! I guess, i'll just divert all my attention to ... FOOD! LOL

At first, i thought is the smoking that's causing me to vomit & vomit but now, i stopped smoking but i still vomit. FML

In another 3 more days, i'll be leaving for a 3 days 2 nights (don't know how to count) cruise @ Star Virgo! Words just can't describe how sian i am & people won't understand either. Everybody will say, "wah, so good, your hubby bring you go cruise, blah blah blah". But i'm really kan pua si lang sian lor. Sigh! A total of 16 paxs going, i hope history will not repeat itself. To me, it's really a torture and i hope ZY can stop planning such family tour lah. He promised me that this shall be the last time liao!

Well, i do appreciate his thoughts for wanting to bring us out but i hope he can understand that i really dislike travelling in a big group. Alright, travelling in a big group is actually fine with me, as long as everyone do their own stuffs, eat whenever they like, do whatever they want & not waiting here & there for food, shopping, go out & etc. Like everyone is free & easy to do their own stuffs & not being tied to a big group, like tour.

Like when we go Hatyai with my parents they all, it's a big group but everybody do their own stuffs. And the best is, my parents took care of Raeann for us most of the time & we can go out as & when & where we like. That's why we enjoyed. If i go overseas, i get angry most of the time & i don't have the time to do what i want, this is call enjoy meh? Anyone get what i mean? Sigh

Anyway, hope the time can fly faster & i can be back faster. Really no mood to go out, no mood to pack & also, no clothes to wear! I'm getting extremely lazy & FAT!


ZY bought me this phone weeks ago but it's still lying on my table, un-used. This is how lazy i am, even change phone also lazy!


Found this on ZY's phone, think Raeann is the one who requested to take this pic!


Taken @ si bei cold Safra Jurong KBox last Friday. It's really freezing everyone of us mad lor! ZY brought us there becos Raeann told him she wanted to sing. Every word Raeann said, counts. But every word i said, is like rubbish to him. TMD! Luckily my daughter sides with me alot & always speaks up for me lor!

Upon reading BongQiuQiu's blog yesterday, i had a strong craving for 汤圆, don't know why also. But the one she recommended is at Golden Mile food market which is damn far for me lah! I had no choice but to search around West (Jurong) area since i'm craving hard for it.

I went to search for dessert stalls at Jurong East but all of them don't sell 汤圆. So i asked around & decided to drop by Boon Lay market cos some kind souls told me there got sell! And yes, i bought it!!!


But it's not really nice lor!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Very delicious & cheap Thai Food!

I've been craving for tom yum goong & Thai food for a long time & all i remembered was the one i had at Bencoolen with Patsy & XS during my clubbing days cos i posted it on my blog & i happened to read it that day. I totally forgotten about that one at Yishun until ZY said that he wanna bring us there yesterday! HAHAHA! He can read my mind? Or he's also craving for thai food? :)

It's here!!!




They have 2 outlets at Yishun, one air-conditioned, the other one don't have. The one we went is at Blk 701A, the air-con one! But even though it's air-conditioned, it's still very cheap!

Don't get a shock of what we ordered for 3 paxs portion (Bo, ZY & me).


Their special chilli.


I got my wish, pineapple fried rice topped with lotsa pork floss. YUMMY!


Tom Yum Goong


Curry Prawn. MUST ORDER OK! Very nice!






Sweet & Sour Fried Fish


Deep Fried Cuttlefish


I was kinda surprise that we managed to finish everything up! Clean clean ah!

And guess how much is the bill? $54 - $2 (discount) = $52 ONLY!!!!!!

CHEAP RIGHT?! My treat! Heehee

Another good thing is, they serve all the dishes together, pipping hot! So we don't have to eat & wait, eat & wait, wait until full liao.


Qoo wants to find spokechild anot??? She always order Qoo everywhere she goes lor! (But alot of places don't sell Qoo de leh!) I wonder why she knows about this drink? Cos we never drink Qoo de leh. And becos of her, i started to like Qoo now too cos we always share a can!  

No clothes to wear!

Wanna take a look at my horrible tummy now?

Please don't get a shock!


FUCK MAN, it's growing way too fast lor! Cos i remembered when i was having Raeann, at 10th week, my tummy is still very small de lor! And FYI, i've flat tummy when i'm not pregnant! *sad* As a result, i cannot fit into all my shorts anymore! :(

Showed it to Raeann last night and she asked, "why so big wan?". I told her, "it will get even more bigger lor".

Will my tummy explode this time round?

Si bei 恶心!

P/S : Be back shortly for delicious & cheap Thai food post! Editing the pics now! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super 不自动!

As some of you might know, my sister celebrated her 18th birthday last Saturday, 5th of March at home with steamboat & BBQ.

Everything was well except that she invited 3 SUPER 不自动 CHARBORS to the party.

I've been kp-ing about this for days cos i'm really 'gao wei'.

These 3 persons brought a cheapo $200 karaoke set to our place. When you bring something to other's place, it means what? U meant to share it right? But NO. The 3 of them sang NON-STOP for HOURS and expect all the guests to listen to their awful singing. They don't even want to eat, they just hogged to the mics for as long as they are there. FTL

If they don't intend to share, JOLLY WELL DON'T BRING IT, SING AT HOME. Oh please, people are not interested to be your audiences & you're not opening a concert, HELLO???

Yeah, you all love singing, i know. But that's not the way? Cannot imagine going KTV with them, they will hogged to the mics & expect everyone to listen to them all the way. CRAZY!

Most of the guests left early that day, ALL BECOS THEY CANNOT STAND YOU ALL. Kaoz, give some respect to the host right? So buay paiseh!

Okay, i rant finish liao & i'm feeling better now! LOL

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hate my nose now!


I was playing around with ZY's Galaxy Tab yesterday & i took a pic with it's front camera. Then, i sent it to my fb for testing. But before i can delete it away (cos i was figuring out how to delete), many people saw it already! :(

P/S : Very paiseh, i dare not post it here! LOL

Vincent was the first one who saw it and he jitao comment, "WAH!!! CHUI!".


He said he already save it and intend to show it to ZY. Like hello? Obviously he's the first one who saw it mah since he saw me taking the pic of myself. HAHAHAHA

E-ling also saw it and asked if my nose becomes bigger issit? Actually... I ALSO TOLD BO THE SAME THING LAST WEEK! I kept asking her if my nose's out of shape issit? How come i see like out of shape? She agreed too! FML again.


Then some said, "nose bigger must be a boy".


God, can you hear me? I want a girl & Raeann wants a 妹妹, please give us a HEALTHY BABY GIRL! ^^

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lelong Lelong!

Brand New Alfred Dunhill Wallet + Card Holder for sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on this link to find out more!

Confirm cheaper than boutique or others!

Get it for yourself, boyfriend/husband or daddy! =D

Some boring shits, again!

Okay, i know it's getting fucking boring here. Don't blame me hor, blame my life! *excuses*

I'm kinda shock at the 'growth' of my tummy, yesterday i showed it to ZY and he said, "恶心"! Fuck, i'm only 10-11 weeks? I don't know. This is growing a tad too fast leh! Very scary!

Yet again, cannot blame me! Becos of all the good food everyone's feeding me with, it's no doubt i'll get so fat within sucha short period of time!


4th March @ Old Airport Rd.


4th March @ Old Airport Rd.


Today @ Sin Ming Rd after going LTA.

LOL! I'm eating all those unhealthy food everyday! =D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Porridge everyday!

To add on to my misery, i've very very serious constipation right now. My intestines are in a big mess, having war everyday! I don't know what to eat or do to 'relieve' myself? ZY forbidded me to drink yakult or vitagen! And fruits doesn't help me at all! It only makes me more bloated with lotsa 'air' inside my tummy!

I do not have this problem when i was bearing Raeann. On the contrary, my digestive system became very good that time. Why this one lidat?!

Becos of my 'super' intestines right now, i only feel like eating porridge everyday! And you know, there's one stall at Bukit Timah that serves superb Teochew Porridge! ZY brought me there the other day! Not cheap though!

I feel like eating it NOW & i just jio-ed my mum to go with me but but but... she has already eaten her lunch! =(

I miss their ba-chor & cai-po egg!!! Sigh

I already told ZY to bring me there again tomorrow! I hope i can get to eat it! Cos you know, whatever a pregnant lady craves for, she must eat it! Else, in future, the baby will be very greedy de! (I don't know how true but alot of people told me this!)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How should i react?

LOL! I suddenly remember this...

Last week hor, a friend called and tell me one so-and-so person is my husband's ex gf! Oh well, this is not the first time! So happen that many of his ex gfs, are my friends as well. Coincidence?

And of cos, i will ask him! And his answer will forever be...

"Oh... that so-and-so last time i dumped her wan"

So i was telling him, "You always say u dumped people. One day, you will get your retribution which is me dumping you!". LOL

He said, "dump 你的头啊!"

Anyway, that's not my point! My question is, how should i react when people come and tell me whoever is my husband's ex gf?

What will u do?

Get jealous? Or just ignore? Or smile? Or tell her that 'oh you're so heng for leaving him'? Or what?

Usually i'll reply, "hmm, okay lor". HAHAHAHAHA

Seriously, i think that's a good answer? No?

I think it's damn cool leh!

I'll not get jealous over this tiny minor little things anymore. Oh yea, i used to get jealous over all these nonsenses.

Com'on, jealousy lies in everyone. Don't deny that you don't lor! I guess i've grown up. It's just a stage, part & parcel of life. I've alot of other things to do now, and have no time for all these little nonsenses! One Raeann is enough to make me damn busy, she took up most of my time already!

If you're ZY, how do u wish me to react?

I believe he will not like it if i get jealous & angry with him over such matters lor & he will just ignore me for my 'unreasonable-ness'.

I don't like pregnancy...

Sorry for not blogging so regularly now becos my life's upside down once again. Beside vomitting, eating & sleeping for the past... 3 weeks? 1 month?, i don't think i did anything else. Sleeping = about 18 hours during the weekends, i'm serious. I can fall asleep immediately after eating, and when i wake up, it's time to eat again! I tried to stay 'alive' & active but the medicine is making me total drowsy & restless. And yes, i'm relying on it becos i don't want to vomit. There was once i vomit till there's blood coming out from my throat! If i did not take the medicine, i simply vomit right after every meal or even when i did not eat anything, i'll vomit out acid juice. It's TMD torturing!

A few times when ZY was driving, i had the urge to vomit and he had to pass me plastic bag & asked me to rest. I think he finally knows that it's really not easy for me! Cos the same thing happened when i had Raeann but he couldn't care less that time.

Went for checkup yesterday & we brought Raeann along! I told my gynae, "this girl was being delivered by you also, 4 yrs ago". How time flies huh? It's been 4 long years! =D

Poor girl caught a virus, her fever was as high as 39.2 dc on Saturday morning, scare me out! She has never ever caught a fever so high before! Furthermore, her fever was like stock market, up & down, up & down. Thank god ZY stayed over to help me out cos i myself also feel very restless!

But Raeann's damn good at 'tekaning' him lor! DAMN GOOD! When he's around, her leg's always pain (without fail) & she will request him to massage until she fall asleep. HAHAHA! When he's not around, her leg's completely fine & she has never ask me to massage for her before.

It's fun watching them play also! She pretended to be opening concert, asked ZY to be her (only) audience. He must wave his hands high up while she sings & must applause loud loud after she completed one song. Then she went to 'change' & come out again to sing another song. It's very very funny lah! I'm thinking who taught her all these huh? We didn't bring her to watch concert before what!

Then out of sudden, they switched to another 'game', became waitress & customer. She asked ZY what he wants, ZY said, "猫山王榴莲". Then she asked him, "what color?" (???). ZY asked her got what color, she said, "yellow, BLACK" (???!!!).

Then i forgot what they say liao but it made me laugh like mad lor!

It's really sweet watching them play & hearing ZY asking Raeann not to disturb me & let me rest when i'm in my drowsy mode. All these little things are my encouragements!


Both of them exploring ZY's new Galaxy Tab!

Oh, ZY bought me a new phone last week! But i had trouble transferring over the contacts! I think i better go & upgrade my sim card instead of keying it in one by one!


Thank god she's better now! Stupid fever, please go away hor!



Sometimes an angel but most of the time, A DEVIL!