Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quit? Or quit quitting?

Quite ashamed to admit, today's officially the 2nd day i quitted smoking! I had always wanted to do so but shame on myself, i don't have enough determination. I cutted down from 10+ sticks a day to 5 sticks to 3 sticks and now, 0. I hope this will continue & i can eventually stop smoking for the next few months! I guess, i'll just divert all my attention to ... FOOD! LOL

At first, i thought is the smoking that's causing me to vomit & vomit but now, i stopped smoking but i still vomit. FML

In another 3 more days, i'll be leaving for a 3 days 2 nights (don't know how to count) cruise @ Star Virgo! Words just can't describe how sian i am & people won't understand either. Everybody will say, "wah, so good, your hubby bring you go cruise, blah blah blah". But i'm really kan pua si lang sian lor. Sigh! A total of 16 paxs going, i hope history will not repeat itself. To me, it's really a torture and i hope ZY can stop planning such family tour lah. He promised me that this shall be the last time liao!

Well, i do appreciate his thoughts for wanting to bring us out but i hope he can understand that i really dislike travelling in a big group. Alright, travelling in a big group is actually fine with me, as long as everyone do their own stuffs, eat whenever they like, do whatever they want & not waiting here & there for food, shopping, go out & etc. Like everyone is free & easy to do their own stuffs & not being tied to a big group, like tour.

Like when we go Hatyai with my parents they all, it's a big group but everybody do their own stuffs. And the best is, my parents took care of Raeann for us most of the time & we can go out as & when & where we like. That's why we enjoyed. If i go overseas, i get angry most of the time & i don't have the time to do what i want, this is call enjoy meh? Anyone get what i mean? Sigh

Anyway, hope the time can fly faster & i can be back faster. Really no mood to go out, no mood to pack & also, no clothes to wear! I'm getting extremely lazy & FAT!


ZY bought me this phone weeks ago but it's still lying on my table, un-used. This is how lazy i am, even change phone also lazy!


Found this on ZY's phone, think Raeann is the one who requested to take this pic!


Taken @ si bei cold Safra Jurong KBox last Friday. It's really freezing everyone of us mad lor! ZY brought us there becos Raeann told him she wanted to sing. Every word Raeann said, counts. But every word i said, is like rubbish to him. TMD! Luckily my daughter sides with me alot & always speaks up for me lor!

Upon reading BongQiuQiu's blog yesterday, i had a strong craving for 汤圆, don't know why also. But the one she recommended is at Golden Mile food market which is damn far for me lah! I had no choice but to search around West (Jurong) area since i'm craving hard for it.

I went to search for dessert stalls at Jurong East but all of them don't sell 汤圆. So i asked around & decided to drop by Boon Lay market cos some kind souls told me there got sell! And yes, i bought it!!!


But it's not really nice lor!

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