Thursday, March 24, 2011


I pen-ed down my signature on a piece of paper & officially became Mrs Ho... OMG, time flies, 4 years already, how on earth did we manage? What we have now doesn't comes easy, we went through many many obstacles before we learnt how to cherish each other. NOT EASY AT ALL! I'm glad we survived through... And we're still together! =D

Happy 4 Years Anniversary, my fat husband!

Simply can't wait for the big feast tonight! I promised it will be my treat long time ago & god is damn kind to me lah, i struck 4D last night! ^^ Amount is more than enough for the feast tonight!


  1. Big big congrats Joanne and to your hubby as well. Its really not easy to find someone to cherish and to love. Wish you many many blissful yearsssssssss ahead ;)


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