Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doesn't she looks like a boy?


I realise, she cannot tie her hair into one pony tail. Becos from the front view, she looks totally like a BOY. Plus her attire is always so boyish, if without her hair, everyone (will) thought she is a boy. Sigh

That's why i wanted another girl, to inspire her to be more girly. But i've got a very strong feeling, that my wish isn't going to come true! Well, i've got no choice, but to accept. As long as baby is healthy... right?

Anyway, did you notice that one side of her cheek is swollen?


LOL! She posed and let me take this pic! Haha

That's becos she got bitten by don't know what shit again. TMD, stop attacking on my daughter lah! She asked me, "why mosquito loves to bite me?" KAOZ! Damn mosquitos/insects! FUCK U ALL! LOL

Oh, time passes so fast, tomorrow is the cruise day but... i haven pack anything yet! I don't know what to bring and what not to bring? My hb asked me to bring swim suit & swim with the kids. I'M NOT GOING TO DO SO even when he said he's going to buy me a new swim suit cos mine can't fit liao.

Yes, i know, some pregnant ladies are so proud of their tummy & they don't mind showing everyone. But NOT ME! I'm not at all proud of my enormous tummy & i don't wish to show anyone & make them puke. 我是有自知之明的, becos i've a mirror at home & in my office! Heehee


Please bear with me, cos i think i'll complain all the way throughout my pregnancy! Sigh


  1. no lah. she does not look like a boy. she looks quite chubby - evidently, mummy has been doing a good job taking care of raeanne! =)

  2. hey v random comment. haha.. watson is having 20% on selected stuffs, like bio essence bbcream! :D lol instead of 32$, now $23 only..

  3. Ya, her face is very chubby~ Most of the credits goes to my aunt! She helped me alot~ =D

  4. NiuNiu,

    U really very funny~ Heehee Thanks alot, will drop by Watsons later!


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