Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The fear in me...

As i grow older, the thing i fear the MOST is to see my loved ones leaving me, especially my parents. I'm so afraid that it will happen someday (even though i know it will, eventually), i've been telling myself, "我不想长大".

My dad, known to be one very difficult person, one stubborn & fiery old man but he dotes on me alot. Even though sometimes i get unreasonable scoldings from him, till i'm so angry with him, but everyone said that, he dotes on me the most, i know it very well too.

He wasn't feeling well these 2 months... But he's so stubborn, refused to see any doc. Until something happened on Sunday, and he finally went. SIL brought him to Gleneagles to see his previous heart specialist for check up yesterday & today, i went with him to collect his report. It was only these 2 days then i realised, he has indeed aged alot. He slimmed down alot as well.

I'm worried.


  1. hope your father will get well soon =)

  2. been through what u had written.

    your dad will get well soon! so no worries!

    i'm sure he knows u love him a lot too! cheer up!

  3. Fenz, thanks! He's going for the scope tomorrow, am praying for gd results.

  4. i think my parents are like zhui yin xin luan type.. like to say say say but will care for you in another way.



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