Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How should i react?

LOL! I suddenly remember this...

Last week hor, a friend called and tell me one so-and-so person is my husband's ex gf! Oh well, this is not the first time! So happen that many of his ex gfs, are my friends as well. Coincidence?

And of cos, i will ask him! And his answer will forever be...

"Oh... that so-and-so last time i dumped her wan"

So i was telling him, "You always say u dumped people. One day, you will get your retribution which is me dumping you!". LOL

He said, "dump 你的头啊!"

Anyway, that's not my point! My question is, how should i react when people come and tell me whoever is my husband's ex gf?

What will u do?

Get jealous? Or just ignore? Or smile? Or tell her that 'oh you're so heng for leaving him'? Or what?

Usually i'll reply, "hmm, okay lor". HAHAHAHAHA

Seriously, i think that's a good answer? No?

I think it's damn cool leh!

I'll not get jealous over this tiny minor little things anymore. Oh yea, i used to get jealous over all these nonsenses.

Com'on, jealousy lies in everyone. Don't deny that you don't lor! I guess i've grown up. It's just a stage, part & parcel of life. I've alot of other things to do now, and have no time for all these little nonsenses! One Raeann is enough to make me damn busy, she took up most of my time already!

If you're ZY, how do u wish me to react?

I believe he will not like it if i get jealous & angry with him over such matters lor & he will just ignore me for my 'unreasonable-ness'.


  1. i very kpo one, i like to know who are my bf ex and he told me all. So i will not be surprise if anyone tell me so-so is my bf ex coz i already knew haha =x

    I think answering "oic" "Ok" "then" is very common. I dont know what they expect you to react. lol

  2. But funny is why do they suddenly tell you who and who were his ex girlf? Lol..

  3. haha...
    i had a simllar issue too... but the worse part is the guy's family always invite his ex to their family gathering...

    leanne :)

  4. Sera,

    I don't ask him all these issues becos hor, HE HAS TOO MANY EX GF. LOL Even if he tell me, i also dunno who are they lor. LOL

  5. NiuNiu,

    I think cos they know i'm okay with it? Since it's EX mah, nothing wrong? LOL Anw, i'm really fine with it lah. =D

  6. Leanne,

    Wow, the family... hmmm OKAY! But maybe it's just friends lah. So don't think too much! =D


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