Monday, March 21, 2011

I think this is so funny!!!

Last Friday...

Raeann : Papa, 借我你的 Galaxy Tab leh, 我要玩.

ZY : 我没有带, 放在 CCK! (He lied cos he don't wanna lend her, scare she will use up the battery.)

Raeann went to search his bag... And she found it!

Raeann : 你讲你没有带, 我变魔术出来了!!!

ZY LL had to lend it to her...



  1. Wahahaaa, Raeann is so cute. Usually if say nv bring wun go and search for it, but she went to search.. hahaa. clever ger. Oh, suddenly i feel tt Raeann machiam his 'wife' ley. Opps, no offence.


  2. LOL! Have you heard before, they said Daddy & first daughter in previous life are lovers?

    Only Raeann can get 'hold' of him, even i don't have the 'power' lor. It's good also lah. At least whatever he do, he will think of Raeann first. =D

  3. Huh? got this saying that daddy & 1st daughter is lovers in previous life? I doubt so... mi & my dad not v close relationship de...

  4. This is what i heard lah, must be the first and eldest. If you've a elder bro, it's not counted liao. LOL

    Anyway, it has no scientific logic too, based on 'old saying' only.

  5. I know im slow huh... but this story made me LOL... BIAN MO SHU ~

    your girl is li hai lah!


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