Thursday, March 10, 2011

No clothes to wear!

Wanna take a look at my horrible tummy now?

Please don't get a shock!


FUCK MAN, it's growing way too fast lor! Cos i remembered when i was having Raeann, at 10th week, my tummy is still very small de lor! And FYI, i've flat tummy when i'm not pregnant! *sad* As a result, i cannot fit into all my shorts anymore! :(

Showed it to Raeann last night and she asked, "why so big wan?". I told her, "it will get even more bigger lor".

Will my tummy explode this time round?

Si bei 恶心!

P/S : Be back shortly for delicious & cheap Thai food post! Editing the pics now! :)


  1. Joanne, if u dun wan to waste money to buy bigger size short or pants....maybe u can spend the money on the snapper...I remember seeing SMH forum got people selling....for mtb like u...pants too tight cant zip up or button...use that to extend it..and u still can wear yr old pants and shorts....but maybe cant wear too short shirt la....I think get snapper is more worth then u buy more new clothes rite...hehe...

  2. Hmm, if extend liao, will look weird??? Sounds very interesting leh. Can i have the link to take a look?

  3. Bu hui er xin lo..

    lol buy more elastic band dress!

  4. Hanor, need to start buying new clothes again... Sian!

    很恶心咯! Don't know how to shed off all the fats after that. Maybe i will need liposuction liao. Haha

  5. it's not Er xin my dear...when u see ur healthy baby, everything will be worth it...u r a hot mummy!!! =)

  6. Haha thanks anonymous! Long way to go... I can't wait lor! Yday i dreamt that i gave birth already! HAHAHAHAH

  7. The seller just closed the Pre-order last mth...maybe u can check with her whether she doing another round ma...

    here the a FB link...need to go older post...


    same person...1 is her shop...1 is her own FB...she post at both side...

  8. i think 2nd and subsequent ones,the tummy will be bigger even at very early stage.1st one even at 5 mths,smtimes cannot tell the diff also.

    Btw,congrats!! hahaha!

  9. Pregnant lady shi mei de lor~!~!~!

  10. Hanor Happy Queen, my tummy only shows ard 5 months when i expecting Raeann. Now only 10th week, and it's so obvious already. Headache lah~

  11. Bro,

    Maybe applied to other preg ladies but not me lor! I think i'm the ugliest when i'm pregnant, that's why i hate pregnancy so much. Sigh

  12. Wah lao,m if u see mine its even worse can! Hey post your recent photo leh! You always say until your nose like clown like tat. Show show!

  13. Really? I tot mine is very scary liao, all my bottoms can't wear anymore, so sad lor! Haha my nose really look like a clown now, better not show it here!


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