Thursday, March 3, 2011

Porridge everyday!

To add on to my misery, i've very very serious constipation right now. My intestines are in a big mess, having war everyday! I don't know what to eat or do to 'relieve' myself? ZY forbidded me to drink yakult or vitagen! And fruits doesn't help me at all! It only makes me more bloated with lotsa 'air' inside my tummy!

I do not have this problem when i was bearing Raeann. On the contrary, my digestive system became very good that time. Why this one lidat?!

Becos of my 'super' intestines right now, i only feel like eating porridge everyday! And you know, there's one stall at Bukit Timah that serves superb Teochew Porridge! ZY brought me there the other day! Not cheap though!

I feel like eating it NOW & i just jio-ed my mum to go with me but but but... she has already eaten her lunch! =(

I miss their ba-chor & cai-po egg!!! Sigh

I already told ZY to bring me there again tomorrow! I hope i can get to eat it! Cos you know, whatever a pregnant lady craves for, she must eat it! Else, in future, the baby will be very greedy de! (I don't know how true but alot of people told me this!)



  1. have you try the teochew porridge at old havelock view?

  2. Yeah, tried before when i was around 16 - 17 yrs old! Long time didn't go le, also nice!

  3. is this teo chew porridge place near 10 mile junction? at the foot of mindef hq? if so, that's the place we used to go for lunch a lot too!

    by the way, i had bouts of constipation when i was pregnant with both my girls too. just try to take in as much veggie & fruits. no other way about it, i'm afraid.

  4. Hi roanne,

    Erm, nope, this one is at Bt Timah, u know the whole stretch that sell food besides Courts?

    I think i know abt the place u saying, my dad used to bring us there. But if i'm not wrong, it shifted already.

    Sigh, i asked my gynae about the constipation part and the answer he gave is same as yours lor. Very sad life. I don't like constipation lah!

  5. taman jurong alsohvastall sellingteochew porridge. my managers like to eat whenever we go there and especially the chilli with the bean sauce if im not wrong~

  6. Where is the Taman Jurong one?? Mind sharing with me the address? Issit the market there? =D

    Now i know alot of ppl actually like Teochew Porridge! :)

  7. Yup the market there! Not sure level 2 or level 3 =)


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