Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some random stuffs!

Good morning all! I'm alone at Hillview office now! My parents brought Raeann to LTA liao! And the 2 aunties are on leave!

My dad's going to de-reg his car today cos it will be 10 yrs old in May! Decided not to renew even though the car is in very good condition cos COE is too high right now! I heard that my dad teared. Aiyo, I already predict that he will de lor! This car is like his precious, non of us driven out before & I think I sat it less than 10 times over these 10 years. He also seldom drive it de, maybe out of 10 years, 5 years parked at home. LOL!


Reason being is, all of us has a car & we are all working at the same place, won't it be crazy if we drive 4 cars to the same place to & fro everyday?

Anyway, given my dad's character, I bet he will buy a new car within these few months de lah! Bring me to test drive pls!

So boring lor, nothing to do at all here, no net for me to surf also! Cos all the staffs here are aunties, they don't know how to surf net de!

Becos I'm so bored, I decided to count Raeann's angbao money & bank it later! LOL! Yea, I'm that lazy now! After months then I decided to do it! =P

Kaoz, it's sucha bitch to blog with phone, be back later!

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