Monday, March 28, 2011

Super fat now!

Wah, cannot stand my husband, all the way of the journey, he kept emphasising how handsome he was when he was younger! OMG. Then i laughed like mad when he said he started to "走样" at the age of, hmm... 20+. HAHAHA! Glad he knows that!

We chatted about our kids too. He said that i wasn't so tired & lazy when i had Raeann... So he think that this baby is extremely lazy, can sleep alot. We did some comparisons as well...

1) This baby is not interested in food, unlike Raeann. Cos i don't really have any special cravings yet! All i want to do is, sleep only.

2) This baby HATES durian!

3) I'm double nua & lazy this time round.

4) I put on weight double fast too! FML

You know, i actually ate more when i had Raeann, but i didn't put on weight that fast for the first 5 months. Even my aunt said that, i'm fatter this time round, i don't know why...

Went for monthly check-up today & i'm 53kgs at 14 weeks! I putted on a total of 5 kgs liao! I look so bloated now, like a balloon. WHY!? =(

P/S : Everything with regard to the baby is well. Strong heartbeat, right size & doc said, NO BUBBLE INSIDE THE BRAIN THIS TIME ROUND! =)

But even though i'm already so fat, everyone around me worry that i never eat, keep asking me to eat & eat, especially my husband. Everywhere he go, he will ask me if i wanna eat anything first!

Like last Friday, i went home to rest after going my aunt's house while he brought Raeann out to shopping alone!!! Then don't know why on earth he ended up at Chinatown and asked me if i want anything from there. I 随口 told him that i wanted KOI (cos i couldn't think of anything else to buy at Chinatown)! He said i'm mad cos the queue is very long. LOL! So i said, ok lor. Well, i don't have any craving for bubble tea, i just anyhow say i wanted it.

And guess what?

On the way home, he deliberately drove to Clementi to queue & pack for me! But he said is, 顺路 only! Heehee

This is the 'LOVE' i'm always seeking for... Not money, not gifts, not sweet talks, but actions! =)


  1. actions do speak louder than words yeah? am happy for you. =) good luck with the pregnancy and just, well, do as everybody say - eat more and rest well! =)

    p.s. i think you 'complained' a little too much about hubby's sleeping habits ler. baby is turning out to be a sleepy-head too? =P

  2. Thanks Roanne~

    But after i got pregnant, i didn't complain anymore cos hor, I'M EVEN MORE LAZY THAN HIM! And he's the one helping out with Raeann~


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