Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super 不自动!

As some of you might know, my sister celebrated her 18th birthday last Saturday, 5th of March at home with steamboat & BBQ.

Everything was well except that she invited 3 SUPER 不自动 CHARBORS to the party.

I've been kp-ing about this for days cos i'm really 'gao wei'.

These 3 persons brought a cheapo $200 karaoke set to our place. When you bring something to other's place, it means what? U meant to share it right? But NO. The 3 of them sang NON-STOP for HOURS and expect all the guests to listen to their awful singing. They don't even want to eat, they just hogged to the mics for as long as they are there. FTL

If they don't intend to share, JOLLY WELL DON'T BRING IT, SING AT HOME. Oh please, people are not interested to be your audiences & you're not opening a concert, HELLO???

Yeah, you all love singing, i know. But that's not the way? Cannot imagine going KTV with them, they will hogged to the mics & expect everyone to listen to them all the way. CRAZY!

Most of the guests left early that day, ALL BECOS THEY CANNOT STAND YOU ALL. Kaoz, give some respect to the host right? So buay paiseh!

Okay, i rant finish liao & i'm feeling better now! LOL


  1. eh, you dunno anything don't anyhow leh. they want to share but no body want to sing leh.
    after you went, the rest took turns to sing also lor.


  2. Com'on lor, i dedicate ONE SONG, they cancel it away & sing until they so song.

    U CAN ASK ANYONE THERE LOR. They didn't offer to share at all.


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