Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is NOT my day!

I shall deem today as the 'sway-est' day of my life 2011, seriously.

This morning, i merely had a glass of fresh milk for breakfast & thus, i was extremely hungry during lunch time.

I was asked to go Jurong Port around 11am. They told me it will be a fast trip, i'll be back most probably by 12.15pm. But hell NO! I waited there until 1+pm! I was already hungry ttm when everything's done.

On my way back, there's 2 lanes turning towards AYE. I was on the inner lane, while a big fuck trailer on the outer. I don't know issit becos my car too small & he can't see me or what? While turning, he cut into my lane and nearly crash me & my car into pieces. (Let me go draw it out for you all to see, gimme 2 hours!)


Pardon my ugly drawing & lousy scanner, hahaha!

 Y = cb trailer, X = me.

Tell me, am i in wrong?

Luckily, i managed to brake in time & there were no injuries or damages. And you know what? That cb uncle stopped his vehicle in the middle of 2 lanes and came down to kpkb at me! Like hello? U cut into my lane & took 2 lanes, it's your fucking fault & yet? U KPKB AT ME? What a joke!

I asked him to move as there were alot of cars behind and he was fucking jamming up the traffic. But, he continued to KPKB there! =.=

Uncle, by kpkb loudly doesn't mean you win ok? There are alot of witnesses to see you cut into my lane!

I didn't pursue the matter becos there were no injuries or damages & NOT BECOS i'm afraid of you, get it or not?

Then, before i came back to office, i went nearby to pack lunch for myself & my dad. At there, i fell down! And both my knee caps are bleeding now. Luckily, it's not very huge, slightly bigger than a 50c coin size on both sides only. It's PAIN, mind you. FML man.

Back to office, i was told that there's one document to be collected & i forgot? I don't know cos i don't remember about it at all. I need to go Jurong Port again later, before they close at 5.30pm.

Tell me lah, am i sway anot??? Urgh!

By posting this, i'm giving my haters a good chance to laugh at me. But i don't care, cos like i always say, i can't pretend. So, whatever lah!


  1. kana b4 too the stupid trailer (-_-)" let him KPKB 1 day he will knw but r u ok ma? if not feeling well go n see doc ok

  2. Sometimes those uncle, really lor, see female drivers always bully. They thought by shouting we will be scare of them lidat~ The more he do, the more others see him as a clown only. It's like so fucking obvious he's in my lane, so what kind of explaination does he want from me? By being loud = he is not wrong = i must pay him issit?

    No lah, nothing serious, i'm still alive. Becoming more clumsy due to the big tummy~

  3. why the uncle so cbbbbbb!
    buy toto tonite~ kin!

  4. LOL! Sharon, i'm rushing to Jurong Port again now, no time to buy toto!! LOL

  5. u fall, u okie? becareful wor.. now u preg muz be extra double careful.

  6. I support u ... I like ur honesty. I always read your blog. U r good no worries :)

  7. That fuckin unce shld b whack one day so that he will be tamer. disgrace to man. I got ganna same situation like u before and after i overtake him,i wind down my window n show him my erected middle finger n he was like goin crazy horning me all the way even after i was goin further n further. LOL

  8. aiyo, be careful leh. u r preggy somemore. pls pls take extra care ok!

  9. To all anonymous,

    Thanks for all your concerns, i'm fine. =)

  10. Darren,

    Bro, aiya i overtook him but i forgot to show him my finger~ LOL! Really damn pissed with such attitude. Don't know how to drive still like YA YA papaya!

  11. gal,
    u shld hav taken his video, pic him down & tell him i tweet & fb u... Anyway my bf sae trailer driver always drive dangerously... next time be more mostly are ah neh neh & china ppl...

  12. Sigh, its too sudden and i got a shock myself lor, it's really tat 1cm away and my car will be kiap bian bian liao. I didn't even take note of the plate number, FML man.

    I see his face, SHOULD BE CHEENA. NBCB, go back China be farmer lah~

  13. Sis, 人没事就好啊. You are a ger cannot show middle finger not nice leh. lol

  14. I got a shock mah! This type of uncle see woman they bully. Maybe i show middle finger he will be scare? LOL

  15. duper sway lo.. -_-

    ps, long time never read blogstuffs now catching up! lol


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