Thursday, April 21, 2011

Viccal + Hanamei

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Today, i'm gonna introduce you guys different products from 2 different company. Let me start one by one ok? Meanwhile, let me express my million thanks to the followings:- Viccal, Hanamei & TSS. Thank you very much once again for letting me have this chance to try out these fantastic products! =)


"We won't promise you instant results. We only create skincare solutions that work with your skin."

I love their tagline cos i think it's very true. For skincare, you need to use the one that's suitable for your skin & make your skin glow. Everyone of us has different kind of skin & thus, we all need to find products that's suitable for us. Some products might work miraclely on you but not me or vice versa. It's very important for us to understand our own skin, using the right product to make us glow. Beautiful skin plays a great role in making ourselves prettier. Of cos, not everyone's so lucky to be born with it. But fret not, Viccal has came out with these products called The Basic Collection, just for you people!





As you can see, all these 3 products target on different areas. It's better to target on the areas that you need rather than to spend unnecessary money on everywhere, right? *wink*


I chosen NO.2.11 becos i've lotsa whiteheads & oil seads, around my nose & eyes. Of cos, whiteheads & oil seads cannot be captured by camera with or without makeup, unless i deliberately squeeze and show it to you all, but that will be damn gross lah! (Thus explains why there is no 'before' & 'after' pics.)

Have been using it for the past 5 weeks or more? And my skin really improves alot, all my whiteheads & oil seads seem to have disappear? I don't know how they disappear without having to squeeze them out. All i need is just that 2-3 drops of serum daily. The serum literally killed them?

In another words, they proven their worth & they definately worth their value!!!!!!!!!

Do visit their website to find out more!

If you wanna try before purchasing, join them on FB to redeem for free samples SO NICE RIGHT? Don't say i never intro good stuffs hor! So, Click here now!


Next up, is products from Hanamei! Heard before? That's the reason why i'm blogging today, to explain to you guys all about them! =D


What is Hanamei made of?


All the aboves are extracted from They have all the necessary informations inside there!!!

Hair Removal After-Care Brightening Serum


The Hanamei Brightening Serum contains multiple botanical actives to minimise ingrown hair and lighten darkened skin caused by hair removal and micro-abrasion especially at the underarms, elbows & kneecaps.

Naturally fragranced with organic Rosewater, this serum is infused with skin-nourishing natural actives that are easily and quickly absorbed for more radiant, moisture-charged and beautiful skin.

Use the Hanamei Brightening Serum to:
  • Maintain elasticity and resilience of skin
  • Minimise ingrown hair
  • Lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal and micro-abrasion

Tip: The Hanamei Brightening Serum can also be used on the underarms, elbows or kneecaps to lighten and smoothen out rough skin

Well, i'm one who is born with lotsa ingrown hairs. I often envy people with no/fine pubic hairs. You know how troublesome it is to pluck armpit hairs everyday? And dig out those ingrown hairs one by one? It's gross i know, but i really do that. FML! For those with ingrown hairs, i bet you understand how i feel. And after plucking/waxing/shaving or whatever, did you notice those areas become darker?! It does become darker, go see yours now! LOL


Alright, let's thank Hanamei for this product and we can bid byebye to all our ingrown hairs, dark underarms/elbows/kneecaps.

Hair Removal After-Care Comforting Mask


The Hanamei Comforting Mask is specifically designed and formulated to provide instant relief and care for delicate skin in the bikini area that has undergone hair removal therapies.

Naturally fragranced with organic Rosewater, this 100% cotton mask is rich in skin-nourishing natural actives that are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, keeping your intimate area supple and smooth.

Use the Hanamei Comforting Mask to:
  • Soothe and minimise skin soreness
  • Reduce redness and skin irritation
  • Protect skin against follicle and pore infection

Tip: Use a chilled Hanamei Comforting Mask after waxing for instant relief! The mask helps to reduce soreness and prevent inflammation.


If you are one who do brizilian wax frequently, this is one product not to be missed, i'm sure you will love the results! =D

WOW WOW WOW, Hanamei is giving out free samples too!!!!!!!!!!

All you have to do is to contact them via phone or email and you will receive a Hanamei Intimate Therapy Sample Set including a Comforting Mask and Brightening Serum 5ml.

Visit for more details!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Suddenly so many silent readers...

I'm seriously shocked at the amount of readers asking me to invite them to my new blog. I'm really blur now becos i don't know who i've invited and who i've not. And there are people saying that they did not receive my invites when i've already sent them upteem times. I've thus re-sent them again this morning!!!

These readers : sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove sent 4/20/11 invite again| remove

Hello there, i'm still waiting for your acceptance, please accept and link my blog from there!

And of cos, i can't possibly invite all of you, i'm sorry. Becos i'm only allowed to invite 100 paxs in! And i need to scan through every of my 'silent readers' properly becos i'm sure there bounds to be fake one around. Com'on, everybody knows, they're so desperate to read my blog. LOL

P/S : Empty vessel is better than fat vessels filled with tons of OIL and FATS. They thought they are so smart... One bunch of FFFF!

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Because i think you sucks!"

Really can't help but to love my new blog title so much! If you received an invite from "Because i think you sucks!", yeah, that's me, don't get a shock ok! I'm not scolding you! LOL

P/S : Those who did not receive, check your spam mail or post another comment, i might have missed u out! Added too many at once, blur liao!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making changes!

Okay, I've decided. I'll lock my tweets and set up another personal blog, this blog will be used mainly for adverts and reviews only.

For those who are interested to know, drop a comment with your email, would appreciate if you all don't link me.

Becos, having a blog is wrong, blogging out your honest opinions is even more wrong. People only love to read fake & pretentious stuffs, the one who voice out is always wrong.

I need to learn, to be fake cos the world is full of pretentious people.

One who loves to blog & share her stuffs with the world is not a selfish person. What I can't stand is, people who do and don't admit.

Why I didn't talk things out becos I find it really meaningless. They will still argue that it's just coincidences & they didn't know, isn't it? Why waste my breath to do so? I wanted to stop as long as she stops her nonsenses. I can tell u, nobody likes it, it's not a matter of petty or not!

But now, whatever lah! She happy can already lor, anyway I won't update here anymore & she won't be able to read also!

Alright, till then!


Today's Wednesday, remember to buy 4D! LOL! I already have a list of numbers to buy.

Erm, nope, i'm not affected at all by those i-don't-see-them-as-human-at-all people said. Cos all along i knew, THEY DON'T HAVE MIRROR AT HOME ONE, so they gave me all sorts of nicknames, criticise & insult me, when they hor, *ahem* look so yandao and chio lah. *ahem*

I've already said MANY MANY MANY times, i don't like to get unneccessary people involved. So why always wanna get yourselves involved when it's non of your fucking business at all? If nobody sent you people here, you guys won't even know my blog address cos it's very simple, non of you people are my friends and i'm not a popular blogger.

So, don't tell me it's by coincidence that you all google out my blog address and happened to see & get involved?

And if you people really decided to get yourselves involved, fine, i'll post your beautiful pics here to show everyone who are those giving me all sorts of nicknames. I mean, you wanted it, i'm just fulfilling your wish. See i so nice!

You know, i'm one who strongly believe in karma. I don't give unnecessary nicknames to people i don't know, i don't say anything which i don't have evidence here, i don't spread unneccessary rumours to everyone i know.

You don't do despicable & bad things, you don't have to be afraid. If you think what i'm doing now (by revealing TRUTH) is not right, then watch how karma fall on me, don't have to insult & criticise me personally, am i right?

P/S : Just saw some comments, so interesting. They asked me to define copy. Ask your best friend mah, she knows it best. From wallet, to bags, to hairstyles, to clothes, to even birthday cakes? & then clutch, what's next? So many coincidences in life?

Want to copy, can. Be upright and straight forward. Don't do it secretly and pretend "issit, i don't know she has" sorta stuffs, that's my point!

BRB, lunch now! HAHAHAHA

Wah seh, 人可以死, 不可以生病!

My dad's hospital bill amounted up to more than 20K cash! OMG

And he don't have any medical insurance!

Okay lah, let me strike first prize tonight and i'll pay for it! If not, let my mum or ZY strike will be even better! Cos my very nice hubbylove said he will pay if he strike.

Oh my hubbylove, thank you for loving me and my family. I appreciate everything you did for me. I'M SO LOVED BY YOU LAH! =D


They don't read my blog!

Deng deng deng!


But somehow they ALL knew what i blogged, SO FUNNY!

You know, i deliberately blog lidat to prove that they still read my blog and i've proven myself right.

Oh ya, i need to be nice and believe they don't read my blog for a long time already, everything is just COINCIDENCE. Just happened that when i blogged something that i bought or they dislike, they will auto feel it, BUT THEY DON'T READ IT.

So smart! Train 100 years also cannot get such skill...

Said i'm a fool? Yes, i am. Sorry for being one! =D

Now, i not only have one very faithful stalker, but ONE BUNCH of them. Thank you for following stalking my blog SO OFTEN till you know it immediately when i update! LOL

Just a reminder to all those KPOs once again, if you want your face to be posted here, just leave a note, your request will be fulfilled.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I shall blog nonsenses...

And you guys will read nonsenses!

I must pretend to be nice, be the one who kept quiet and let people bully, and be one loving wife, always thanking my hubbylove on my blog.

Then i must secretly go & read others' blog, read on what people bought and copy them secretly, pretending i'm the one with my own taste & style and others are the one copying me instead.

Erm no, i must pretend not to know anything about it and act nice by saying that i won't have such thinking about people copying me.

(Becos in fact, you copy everything people do/buy/talk, so of cos you won't have such thinking as nobody bother to copy anything about u!)

And apparently, the whole world will believe in me, sympathise with me and then help me to insult/criticise on people who disagree with what i do.

This is how the world goes round? You pretend and be fake, you will survive.

No wonder i've not much friends, becos i don't know how to act nice. And i don't know how to suck up on people, just to have more friends.

I think i really need to learn such skill!

Then my hubbylove will love me alot and people will be jealous of how loving we are, hor?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Copy people very shiok meh?


Remember this clutch???

As quoted from my twitter lah, "If I know someone whom hate me likes prada, I won't even step into prada boutique! That's the great diff between u & me!".

I wanna add something else, "let alone buying the SAME design & SAME color".

My 意识浅浅 lah hor, even idiots will know what i mean right?

That's the reason why i dislike LV now.

I'm SURE she will say she don't know that i have OR it's only coincidence OR worse, ZY is the one copying her hb to buy the same clutch for me. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO extreme! My panties and bras u wanna know anot? So that u can buy the same as well.

P/S : I'm talking about the same person in this post!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Recovery Period

Thanks to all those who left/sent me msgs, sorry if i didn't reply as i need to save my hp battery life for family updates.

My dad went for his op yesterday morning, it's not a very major op but still, there's risk & that's why, we were all worried. He's not young anymore, almost going 60 already. I guess our presences really gave alot of comfort to him. I hope he will realise this time round that, "Family is the most important, not friends. When you're in trouble, only your family will be around for you.".

I'm now in the office settling some stuffs, then i'll visit him at the hospital! After that, will go praying with my mum.

Really didn't sleep well these few nights, i don't know why, i just can't get to sleep. I'll toss and turn around for a long time before i fall asleep, then when i finally fell asleep, it's time to wake up soon. The house is too quiet, i'm not used to it. Without my dad's nagging & sis's singing, the house is really very very quiet. Sigh!

Luckily ZY came over to stay and there's still naughty Raeann around. I think without them, i'll go crazy even though Raeann also drives me nuts at times.

Okay, i gotta go. Once again, thanks for all your concern, my dad's fine now! 谢谢神的保佑!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bo pi ahhhh!

Things haven't been going smooth in my family, everybody has their fair share of duties to perform now.

My dad has visited specialists in intestines, liver, lung etc at Gleneagles. We have found out what's wrong with him but according to the doctor, he needs to have operation to know the better details. As he's on medication right now, he seems to get weaker by days, i hope it's just the medication that's making him drowsy & weak, that's all.

As i wasn't allowed to visit my sis at NUH (she fell & had an operation) due to pregnancy (i don't know why), i was given the duty to look out for my dad. Seeing him lidat, don't know how to describe, just hope that he can get well soon. Although i don't like him to keep scolding people but i prefer the past him than the present him, seriously.

Same goes to my sis too, get well soon ya!

Too many things happened at the same time, my mum is the most tired one, she has to shutter in & out of NUH & Gleneagles these few days.

Something happened again, be back later~

God, i really need your kind help in watching over my dad. Please, let him tide through this obstacle.

I know he hasn't been a good person, he has a nasty mouth but trust me, his heart is not that bad de! I see him lidat, i feel so upset, where has the past him gone to? He is so weak, no strength to even sit up straight. i feel so scare now...

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's April!

Been a long time since i last used camera, yes i'm so lazy till i feel that bringing a camera out is so much hassle, where has my blogging drive gone to? Sigh

Finally it's April, another 5 more months, I CAN'T WAIT! Can't wait to be slim once again! No matter how hard it is, i'm giving myself 3 months time to slim back to my pre-preg weight. It's hard, but i must do it! Meanwhile, i'll just enjoy eating without feeling guilty! =D

Ask me if i'm excited to know about the gender or seeing my no. 2? My answer is no, i'm not excited at all, i don't know why, maybe becos it's not the first time. Or maybe i am, but not as excited as my first time? I don't know. I just don't feel anything at all! I think i feel more scare than excited lor!

Yes, i'm scare, very scare indeed. I haven got over the phobia of my first pregnancy & i've to face it another time soon. I'M VERY SCARE LAH! The cutting & stitching, it's knnb so scary! And the huge stupid epidural needle, i hope i can don't inject it this time round. =(

That's why, i really salute those mummies who have many kids, kudos to them!

One very cute & funny video to share, i'm sure many of you have watched it already. I've been repeating it for many times since Friday, i think they're sooooo adorable! It made me wonder how does it feels like to have twin har? Not easy to look after at all leh!