Monday, April 11, 2011

Copy people very shiok meh?


Remember this clutch???

As quoted from my twitter lah, "If I know someone whom hate me likes prada, I won't even step into prada boutique! That's the great diff between u & me!".

I wanna add something else, "let alone buying the SAME design & SAME color".

My 意识浅浅 lah hor, even idiots will know what i mean right?

That's the reason why i dislike LV now.

I'm SURE she will say she don't know that i have OR it's only coincidence OR worse, ZY is the one copying her hb to buy the same clutch for me. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO extreme! My panties and bras u wanna know anot? So that u can buy the same as well.

P/S : I'm talking about the same person in this post!


  1. Didn't know it's such a complicated matter...

    The clutch is nice lo! I will buy it if i have extra $$.

  2. Ya Sonia, i don't mind people getting the same actually but don't be fake by saying "i very long never read her blog already" when actually she read and saw and copy. Just admit, what's wrong?

  3. so someone bought the same clutch as yours?

    i abit wols

    :x me and sera always buy same things!

  4. Yeah exactly the same. You and Sera different becos u 2 are friends, best friends. She is not even my friend now mah.

    Me and my friends always buy the same stuffs also, becos we share and we are not fake. If we like, we will say we like and encourage each other to buy the same.

    Unlike someone who saw and buy then say things like "issit? i don't know that you bought leh" sorta stuffs.

  5. My point is not about people copying what i buy but is people are fake, pretend and pretend.

  6. I know it's kinda awkward now but same thought here, nothing wrong to buy same stuffs.


    Be it friends or not, I also buy same stuffs like others esp pretty stuffs(that i can afford) so nothing to hide lah.

  7. No ah, i don't find anything wrong either but then just don't pretend lor.

    She sent her hb to comment saying that becos i never say out, and she don't know that's why she do that. But the thing is, now i openly blog out, she still repeats that, so what for she sent her hb and friends to scold me? Am i saying anything wrong? Why sent her friends to insult me? And she pretend that she don't know her hb and friends do that.

  8. All in all, i won't be so angry IF she don't spout nonsenses to her friends whom dunno me, saying things "no wonder your hb left you last time" and then insult me and my family.

    If she don't do that, i won't do anything so mean.

  9. don't get me wrong, i got the same point with you that "nothing wrong for buying same thing, just be straightforward this kind"

    well we cant stop ppl badmouthing around just blame on their ignorance will do.

    p.s i dont understand why others want to say u... (it makes me think the other party looking for trouble)
    and to involve others in this then it will be more complicated. (wrong move!)

  10. talk abt pretentious sibei pissed off.

    esp those pretentious ones said they don't know how to pretend and share a same table, they will feel it's disgusting.

    GEK TIO to hear this -_-

    sometimes, my kindness will end with bad/no-things so bo chup is the best.

  11. Hanor, especially when u see how they act act to be nice people ard, sucks!

    Guess i need to train up my bo-chup skill liao.

    My friend told me there are alot of such people around, so quite lucky i only met one.

  12. From car, child's bday cake, bags, wallet, hairstyle, everything actually, she copy till I , joanne's good fren, can mistaken her for Joanne. This is call copy. N pls to all her frenz out there, u all got no eyes to c who bought wat 1st har. So much coincidences in e world har. Pls go cut ur eyes bigger lah the bitch wif e fuckin small eyes. Maybe than, u can LOOK AT THINGS CLEARER.
    N pls, Joanne is not Minding e copying part. It's e do it n dun admit part. Be more gracious. U did it, u admit it when pple ask u. Stop saying it's coincidences, I didn't, etc. How many times can e world believe u.
    Or, a better way, 偷吃了要抹嘴。simple logic.
    N stop all ur fucking pretending lah.. U're juz a person w/o any real style n life, so u Muz steal other's style.
    A person who is true to herself n e world dun do things like u all.


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