Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today's Wednesday, remember to buy 4D! LOL! I already have a list of numbers to buy.

Erm, nope, i'm not affected at all by those i-don't-see-them-as-human-at-all people said. Cos all along i knew, THEY DON'T HAVE MIRROR AT HOME ONE, so they gave me all sorts of nicknames, criticise & insult me, when they hor, *ahem* look so yandao and chio lah. *ahem*

I've already said MANY MANY MANY times, i don't like to get unneccessary people involved. So why always wanna get yourselves involved when it's non of your fucking business at all? If nobody sent you people here, you guys won't even know my blog address cos it's very simple, non of you people are my friends and i'm not a popular blogger.

So, don't tell me it's by coincidence that you all google out my blog address and happened to see & get involved?

And if you people really decided to get yourselves involved, fine, i'll post your beautiful pics here to show everyone who are those giving me all sorts of nicknames. I mean, you wanted it, i'm just fulfilling your wish. See i so nice!

You know, i'm one who strongly believe in karma. I don't give unnecessary nicknames to people i don't know, i don't say anything which i don't have evidence here, i don't spread unneccessary rumours to everyone i know.

You don't do despicable & bad things, you don't have to be afraid. If you think what i'm doing now (by revealing TRUTH) is not right, then watch how karma fall on me, don't have to insult & criticise me personally, am i right?

P/S : Just saw some comments, so interesting. They asked me to define copy. Ask your best friend mah, she knows it best. From wallet, to bags, to hairstyles, to clothes, to even birthday cakes? & then clutch, what's next? So many coincidences in life?

Want to copy, can. Be upright and straight forward. Don't do it secretly and pretend "issit, i don't know she has" sorta stuffs, that's my point!

BRB, lunch now! HAHAHAHA

Wah seh, 人可以死, 不可以生病!

My dad's hospital bill amounted up to more than 20K cash! OMG

And he don't have any medical insurance!

Okay lah, let me strike first prize tonight and i'll pay for it! If not, let my mum or ZY strike will be even better! Cos my very nice hubbylove said he will pay if he strike.

Oh my hubbylove, thank you for loving me and my family. I appreciate everything you did for me. I'M SO LOVED BY YOU LAH! =D


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  1. Copy:When someone buys a thing, e other person buys EXACTLY E SAME THING IN EXACTLY E SAME COLOR. Hairstyle oso wanna copy, hair color oso wanna copy. Y DUN U GO N BE A PHOTOCOPY MACHINE?? Than u can copy for e rest of ur idiotic n meaningless life. ;) To her friends, pls lah, all of u really no eyes, ears n brain??? Or it's been all been render useless.. Maybe all of u need plastic surgery. I think u all shd really go for it, especially e 1 with e freaking small eyes. That's y u can't c properly n perhaps tats y u judge e wrong person. To her husband, pls go n think things through.. How come my wife had no real friends?? Tats all bcoz of her attitude, n not being a true person. Only can pretend. Maybe u're like her too. Heard this phrase before, BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.... A person who treat another person truthfully n sincerely will never, like certain things that another person had, got e exact same things w/o saying any thing. When confronted will act blur, n answer, oh is it/ I didn't know she got e same thing too. (juz admit u like n u bought it) There're not so many coincidences in e world. N not especially after e person got it n blog bout it, n soon, tat copycat got e same thing too. Only know how to get pple to stalk n say things. When confronted, eyes auto become faulty tap. FUCK U. I LOVE TO C U CRY LEH. All in all, if u Nv did anything wrong, u shdnt be afraid. Coz u won't get retribution if u're upright n just.(pls bear in mind, there's a thing call KARMA)


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