Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I shall blog nonsenses...

And you guys will read nonsenses!

I must pretend to be nice, be the one who kept quiet and let people bully, and be one loving wife, always thanking my hubbylove on my blog.

Then i must secretly go & read others' blog, read on what people bought and copy them secretly, pretending i'm the one with my own taste & style and others are the one copying me instead.

Erm no, i must pretend not to know anything about it and act nice by saying that i won't have such thinking about people copying me.

(Becos in fact, you copy everything people do/buy/talk, so of cos you won't have such thinking as nobody bother to copy anything about u!)

And apparently, the whole world will believe in me, sympathise with me and then help me to insult/criticise on people who disagree with what i do.

This is how the world goes round? You pretend and be fake, you will survive.

No wonder i've not much friends, becos i don't know how to act nice. And i don't know how to suck up on people, just to have more friends.

I think i really need to learn such skill!

Then my hubbylove will love me alot and people will be jealous of how loving we are, hor?


  1. Since recently u preg, den don tell me she aso pretend preg?

    Den ur dad got sick, ask her dad to get sick aso..

  2. No Joyce, she was pregnant first then i got pregnant after her baby was born. But my pregnancy was unplanned one.

  3. I then don't wanna be like her leh!

  4. aiyoz..lucky her baby is out liao...

    So wat's e url for the copycat ??

  5. anyway, juz hack her la..
    this kind of ppl will get her retribution.. *no worries*

    as long she nv hurt u, den ok liao...

  6. Yeah, i long time ago already heck her liao. Just that i can't pretend not to know mah, so after blogging, i okay already~

  7. Cannot believe copycat is still in action. 她不累吗?
    I think she really 吃饱太闲空!


  8. Ling, me can't believe it either. I'm not an idol, why she loves to copy me so much? Really freak me out lor..

  9. I think she is too bored, too much time and don't know what to do. Hope that she will stop. I can't stand strangers copying me.. So weird.

  10. Nah Ling, she will NEVER change. I think i change better, at least now she can't read, so i shall see how much more "coincidence" stuffs we will have.


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