Monday, April 4, 2011

It's April!

Been a long time since i last used camera, yes i'm so lazy till i feel that bringing a camera out is so much hassle, where has my blogging drive gone to? Sigh

Finally it's April, another 5 more months, I CAN'T WAIT! Can't wait to be slim once again! No matter how hard it is, i'm giving myself 3 months time to slim back to my pre-preg weight. It's hard, but i must do it! Meanwhile, i'll just enjoy eating without feeling guilty! =D

Ask me if i'm excited to know about the gender or seeing my no. 2? My answer is no, i'm not excited at all, i don't know why, maybe becos it's not the first time. Or maybe i am, but not as excited as my first time? I don't know. I just don't feel anything at all! I think i feel more scare than excited lor!

Yes, i'm scare, very scare indeed. I haven got over the phobia of my first pregnancy & i've to face it another time soon. I'M VERY SCARE LAH! The cutting & stitching, it's knnb so scary! And the huge stupid epidural needle, i hope i can don't inject it this time round. =(

That's why, i really salute those mummies who have many kids, kudos to them!

One very cute & funny video to share, i'm sure many of you have watched it already. I've been repeating it for many times since Friday, i think they're sooooo adorable! It made me wonder how does it feels like to have twin har? Not easy to look after at all leh!


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  2. ROFL~ so cute and funny! they can keep talking and talking non stop, with actions somemore haha

  3. Ya lor, i think there's really such thing as 'baby language'. Even though they're only da da da da-ing, they both understand what it means. SOOOO FUNNY LOR!


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